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Seattle Pacific Seminary

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    The Master of Arts in Reconciliation and Intercultural Studies (MA-RIS) is one of four master of arts degrees that Seattle Pacific Seminary offers. SPS also offers a master of divinity (MDiv) degree and a Graduate Certificate in Christian Studies.

Are you interested in being part of a thriving seminary community in a rich, urban setting? Do you want your graduate studies to affect not just your mind, but also your heart? Join us in a fellowship of learning, discipleship, worship, and mission, where you and your study of theology can flourish. With a unique model of theological education we call “Academy, Abbey, Apostolate®,” Seattle Pacific Seminary will equip you for ministry in the 21st century.

Seminary Degrees

As a Seminary student, you can choose from four Master of Arts (MA) degrees, a Master of Divinity (MDiv), and four Dual Degrees (MBA, MST) — as well as a Graduate Certificate in Christian Studies — all of which support SPU’s vision to engage the culture and change the world with the transforming gospel of Jesus Christ.

Seminary News and Events

On Depression and Doubt: An Exchange of Letters with a Former Student Part 2

"Readers of this blog may recall that last week’s post contained a letter from a former student of mine, plus the first half of my reply.  The present post contains the conclusion of my letter.  As explained in my introduction to last week’s post, my reply to the student was crafted as a 'homiletical open letter,' which I read during a Sunday worship service at the Lake Washington United Methodist Church – hence the reference below to 'the sermonic part of this long letter.'"

50th Annual Meeting of the Wesleyan Theological Society

The 50th Annual Meeting of the Wesleyan Theological Society is scheduled for next week in Mt. Vernon, Ohio.  SPS' own Dr. Doug Strong will be one of the featured plenary speakers.

Also, we would like to announce that SPU's Dr. Priscilla Pope-Levison will be honored as the 2015 recipient of the Smith Wynkoop Book Award for Building the Old Time Religion: Women Evangelists in the Progressive Era.  She will be presented with the award at the Friday evening banquet.  This is a tremendous and well-deserved honor, and we celebrate it with her.  Congratulations, Dr. Pope-Levison!

On Depression and Doubt: An Exchange of Letters with a Former Student Part 1

"Some time ago, I got a handwritten letter from a former student.  It arrived several days before I was due to preach at the Lake Washington United Methodist Church, in Kirkland, WA, and I decided to craft my response as a kind of homiletical open letter, which I both mailed to him and delivered from the pulpit.  I’m not sure how much my young friend benefited from my reply, but a number of persons who “overheard” it in church found it useful and asked for copies.  I am thus venturing to publish this exchange of letters in this blog."

Seminar: Book of Romans

Paul’s Epistle to the Romans has long spoken with an influential voice in the church. Exploring themes such as justification, sanctification, election, and the role of the Spirit in the life of faith, these 16 chapters have helped shape the beliefs of generations. Spend an evening exploring this important text with SPU Associate Professor of Dogmatic and Constructive Theology Daniel Castelo.

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A Compact Guide to the Whole Bible: Learning to Read Scripture's Story

A written collaboration by the Seattle Pacific Seminary (SPS) faculty, this is a compact introduction to the Bible. This video features SPS professors and authors Dr. David Nienhuis and Dr. Rob Wall, who provide some background on their new book and what they hope readers will get out of it.


From the Associate Dean's Desk

Insights from the Associate Dean himself -- sharing stories, thought-provoking topics and anecdotes you would hear in a sermon, the classroom or over a cup of coffee.


New Church and Parachurch Staff Tuition Discount

The Seattle Pacific Seminary Tuition Discount Program is now extended to both church and parachurch full- or part-time staff.

The program offers a 50 percent tuition discount for a students first year of enrollment with SPS, or the first 40 credits of Seminary courses (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer quarters), whichever comes first.

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