SPU Summer Research Symposium
August 29, 2013

13 students, representing 7 labs, presented their work at the annual Summer Research Symposium. Among those attending were SPU President Dan Martin, SPU Provost Jeff van Duzer, and College of Arts and Sciences Dean Bruce Congdon - we appreciate their support of our student researchers!

Kai Akana, Evan Will Kai Akana and Evan Will (Wood Lab)
"Methylation of Genomic DNA in Agrobacterium"
Carmen Hove Carmen Hové (Wall-Scheffler Lab)
“The Humor Gender Gap: Does It Exist?”
Grace Mammarella, Melissa Rowe, Alex Garcia Alex Garcia, Grace Mammarella and Melissa Rowe (Bester-Meredith Lab)
“The Effects of AVP and Olfaction on Maternal Aggression and Parental Behavior”
Zach Ryan Zach Ryan (Tenlen Lab)
“Identifying Homologues of Vasa, a Germline Protein, in Tardigrades”
Jason Guieb-Iaulualo
Clinton Jones
Jason Guieb-Iaulualo & Clinton Jones (Tenlen Lab)
“Morphological and Molecular Characterization of Tardigrade Species from Blakely Island”
Andrew Daman Andrew Daman (McFarland Lab)
“Binding Analysis of Four MICA Isoforms”
Suzanna Ohlsen Suzanna Ohlsen (Schofield Lab)
“Infrared Absorption in Hydrogen Bonds of an Atmospheric Gas Phase Water Dimer Using Density Functional Theory”
Kara Blaisdell Kara Blaisdell (Schofield Lab)
“Understanding the Nature of Bnding in Metal Organic Frameworks”
Grant Andrews Grant Andrews (Grabow Lab)
“Fluorescent Monitoring of RNA Assembly and Processing Using Split Spinach Aptamer”