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Campus in Lockdown

The campus is in lockdown due to a shooting in Otto Miller Hall. Check your text messages for emergency information. The SPU home page and @SPUnews on Twitter will be updated as information becomes available.

IIf you are in a building during a lockdown:

  • Do not leave the building
  • Move to a securable area (such as an office or classroom) and lock the doors
  • Close the window coverings
  • Move away from the windows
  • Get low on the floor
  • Remain in your secure area until further direction or the all clear is given

 If you are unable to enter a building because of a lockdown:

  • Assume that classes will be suspended until the lockdown ends
  • Leave the area and seek safe shelter off campus
  • Return to campus after the all clear is given (this notification will be sent via the SPU-Alert notification system)

Emergency Hotline: 206-281-2800
Notification System:
Home Page:

Posted: Thursday, June 05, 2014