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Current Students and Alumni on Office 365 have a mailbox size of 25GB.

Storage thresholds for current faculty and staff are structured as follows below. Please note that these quotas are far more flexible and contact the CIS HelpDesk for assistance or request an increase in storage space.

500 MB: User is prompted that their storage is reaching its limit.

550 MB: User's ability to send email is suspended.

600 MB: User's ability to send and receive email is suspended.

Please note that in most cases, current faculty and staff email MUST be maintained on SPU provided servers. Faculty and staff are asked to NOTcreate local archives(like .pst's) of email messages that are stored on your university assigned computer, a personally owned computer, or on removable media.

How To:

To find out how much space your email messages are taking up, follow these directions:

Webmail:Total usage can also be checked from theSPU Webmail log in screen. Note the Check My Mailbox Size link just below the login section. Click this link and enter your SPU Username and Password to see a report of email disk space use.

Outlook:Click on View -> Folder List to see all of your folders. Right click on the folder in question and click on Properties. Find the button that says Folder Size and click on it. At the top of the window will be the total size for that particular folder. To find the total for your entire mailbox, repeat the above procedure on the folder entitled Mailbox.

Common Problems:

All server-stored messages go towards your quota, including Deleted Items. Below are some basic tips/strategies to remove unnecessary files from your email store: 

  1. Look for duplicate messages in your account. Some messages, especially with attachments, may be stored in more than one location. Keep only the messages you need to have, and delete the remainder.
  2. Check your Sent Items folder for email with large attachments and delete them. You should delete messages in your sent items folder that are no longer needed.
  3. If you have messages with large attachments, try to save the files on your computer's hard drive and delete the message from the server.
  4. Make sure the Deleted Items folder is empty. In Webmail, click on the Empty Deleted Items Folder icon (eighth icon from the left; looks like a gray recycle bin)

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Last Updated: 6/11/2012