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Email is an essential communication method for our campus. SPU maintains its own email service with a Microsoft Exchange email system. All faculty, staff, and degree-seeking students are provided a personal SPU email address. SPU email is the primary method of contact for most university communications. It is expected that all employees and students check their SPU email on a regular basis.

Eligibility for SPU email is triggered once a person is admitted or registered as a student or hired as an employee. Email account creation is done automatically via the Banner system. If you have questions about account eligibility please contact the CIS HelpDesk.

The log in credentials for your SPU email account are used for many other services, including the Blackboard Online Learning system, office and lab desktop computer log in, and connectivity to the wired and wireless networks. The credential that controls all these resources is called the SPU Username and password.

Email Accounts for SPU Alumni
Starting in 1999, SPU email accounts for former students are no longer being purged. It is our intention that these addresses persist indefinitely, but we reserve the right to change this policy at some point in the future. If you graduated prior to 1999, your SPU account may have been purged.

If you're unsure of whether you have an account or what it is, go to FindMyID for assistance.

How To:

SPU Webmail (also know as "Outlook Web Access") will work from most computers and Internet browsers. From any computer with internet access, open the web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari). Go to and use your SPU Username and Password to log in.

For SPU owned computers used by faculty and staff, Microsoft Outlook 2010 is the preferred email client software. It can be configured to access your email account both on and off campus. For personally owned computers, please see the Outlook Client Configuration page. For SPU owned computers issued to faculty and staff, please contact the CIS HelpDesk for email configuration assistance.

Common Problems:

Pop-up blockers

Some Internet browsers include pop-up blockers that may prevent Webmail from displaying messages correctly. Most pop-up blockers can be disabled. See you blocker documentation or help files for details.


Internet Explorer will allow a greater degree of functionality with Webmail as they are both Microsoft products designed to work with each other more completely.

See Also:
SPU Username and Password (credentials for SPU email access)
Acceptable Use Policy (policies that govern, among other things, use of email)
Security Awareness (good habits for dealing with both the good and bad of electronic communication )

Last Updated: 10/10/2013