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CIS maintains technology-enriched classrooms in many locations. Most of these classrooms include data projectors, desktop (podium/instructor) computers, combo DVD/VCR players, and cableTV. See Classroom Equipment for more detail on the specific technologies available in each classroom.

Academic computer labs are available in a number of locations around campus. All of these labs have Internet access, academic related software, and print capabilities. See Student Computer Labs for a list of buildings that have accessible computer labs.

Many classrooms are covered by the SPU-Wireless network as well as wired Ethernet jacks for access by personal laptop computers. If you are connecting a personal computer on campus, please make sure your device's operating system is up-to-date with all critical patches, and that you are running an active anti-virus program. Connecting a laptop computer to the SPU-Wireless network, or connecting through the wired ports in the classrooms or labs requires that you authenticate with your SPU Username. Just open a webpage and log in with your credentials.
How To:
Computers in classrooms and academic labs require that users log in with a valid SPU Username and password. Use of these computers is governed by the SPU Acceptable Use Policy.
See Also:
Accounts and Password (credentials for classroom/lab computer access)
Security Awareness (how to keep your computer safe when connecting from on campus or lab)
Acceptable Use Policy (make sure you've read it because you are bound to it)
SPU-Wireless (connecting in classrooms or labs with a wireless computer)
Anti-Virus Protection (information on selecting and downloading recommended anti-virus software)

Last Updated: 3/11/2010