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Registration Information

Registration begins April 15 at 8:30am for Summer Session 2014. There are several ways to register for classes:

Continuing Students

Nonmatriculated Students

  • In person: In Demaray Hall 151
  • Via fax: Fax the registration form (PDF) to Student Academic Services at 206-281-2669.
  • Via mail: Mail the registration form (PDF) to the following address:


    Student Academic Services
    Seattle Pacific University
    3307 3rd Avenue West, Ste 113
    Seattle, WA 98119-1997

Registration Deadlines

  1. Adding Classes:  Students must register prior to the first day of the course.  Registrations will not be accepted once a course has begun.
  2. Dropping Classes:  Students must drop the course before the class ends.  Once the course has ended, students will not be allowed to withdraw. 
  3. Internships, Independent Studies, Individual Instruction, and Dissertation have the extended registration deadline of July 14.

The registration deadline for summer courses varies. Students can register for a course up until the first day of class. Web registration for summer classes will also vary depending on the start date of each class. Web registration may close before the course starts, and students will need to register in an alternative fashion (see above alternatives).

If you receive the following error message registration changes are not allowed. Course status dates not within range for part of term it means that web registration has closed for this specific course. This means one of two things:

  • The course has already started and you can no longer register for it.


  • Web registration has closed for this course. You can register in person in Demaray 151 or you can fax or mail in a registration form.  Click here to download the summer registration form.

Please direct any questions to

Registering on the Web is a quick and easy process if you’ve done several things before registering. There are two things that stop you from registering for classes.

  • HOLDS: These keep you from accessing the registration web page and need to be removed before you register.
  • SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS : These keep you from getting into a specific class. Both of these “stops” can be taken care of before you register.
To ensure successful registration , begin to work on these four steps:
  1. Check out the online Time Schedule for possible classes. You can check there for any special permissions or special requirements that a class may have. Some examples are:
    • You must have a specific class standing (freshman, sophomore, junior or senior) to take the class.
    • You must be accepted into the major to take the class.
    • You must have taken a pre-requisite to take the class.
    • You must have instructor’s permission to take the class.
    If you do not meet the special requirement, and you feel that you have unique/extenuating circumstances that would warrant an exception, you can contact the instructor for permissions (also called an “override”) to allow you in the class. Instructors and administrative assistants in the schools can override these if they believe you can be successful in the class.

  2. All holds that stop registration are on the Web for you to view. If you are not sure who to see about a hold, contact, or come into Registration in Demaray Hall 151. These holds need to be removed before you may register for classes.

  3. Register for classes following the steps below.
    1. Finding Banner On the SPU Web site, roll over the "mySPU" at the top right-hand corner.  Here, you can find your online resources.
    2. Log In To log in, use your SPU Username and SPU Password (same as logging into Webmail or Blackboard).  If you are logging on for the first time, click on "Are you a new user?" on the Banner login page.  If you are having trouble logging in with your SPU Username or Password, click on "Having problems?" and you will be directed to CIS.

      *** Students, Faculty and Staff may come to CIS (Lower Marston) with picture ID and the Help Desk will be glad to assist you.

    3. Main Menu
      Under the heading “Main Menu,” select the Student Menu .
    4. Student Menu
      Under this heading, click on "Registration and Class Schedules Menu" and then to View Registration Information, View Registration Holds or Register: Add or Drop Classes
    5. View Registration Information
      Make sure that the term in the text box indicates the term for which you are registering. Then click on Submit Term.  Here, you can view your student status, any holds that will prevent you from registering and other information about your registration. 
    6. View Registration Holds
      The holds that appear here need to be cleared by the appropriate person before you can continue to register.
    7. Register: Add or Drop Classes
      Choose the CRN of each class for which you wish to register.
      Enter all CRNs into the add-class section boxes.
      Click: SUBMIT CHANGES.
      If any problems occur, you will receive an error message.

      Error Messages That You May Receive (to view any errors, you may need to scroll down on the registration page):

      CLASS RESTRICTION error: You have earned too few or too many credits to be in this class. You will need to talk to the instructor for permission.
      CAMPUS RESTRICTION error: This course is for students in an online program only. You will need to talk to the instructor for permission to register.
      MAJOR RESTRICTION error: This class is open only to students who have been accepted into a particular major. You need to talk to the department for permission.
      INSTRUCTOR PERMISSION error: You need permission from the instructor to register for this class.
      TIME CONFLICT error: Two classes you have selected are being taught at the same time or overlapping times. You need to get permissions from both instructors to register for this class. We require either a computer approval or a note from both instructors indicating that they are aware of the conflict and have worked out the details with the student.
      CLOSED CLASS error: The class has reached its capacity.

    8. Dropping Classes
      Click on the arrow in the action box and select the appropriate option:
      • Drop via Web: You are completely dropping this class from your schedule.  (Once the course has started, you will be unable to withdraw online.  You will need to drop the class in person, by fax, or by mail).
      • After you have selected the appropriate action, click SUBMIT CHANGES.
    9. Changing Variable Credits
      If you register for a class that is available for variable credit (i.e., 1-5 credits), the system will default to the lowest number of credits available. If this is not the number of credits you want, you must change it by clicking on “Change Class Options” under the "Registration and Class Schedules Menu".  Change the defaulting credit (1.0) and replace it with your desired number of credits. THEN YOU MUST SUBMIT CHANGES.

    10. Student Detail Schedule
      Once you have finished selecting your courses for the quarter, click on “Detail Schedule” or “Schedule by Day & Time.” Your schedule will appear on the screen and if you would like a copy, click on the print button at the top of the screen.
    11. Make sure that you LOG OUT once you have finished registering. By doing that, you ensure that no one else can make any changes to your schedule.

You have completed Web registration!

Important Summer Information: