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Kristen Hoffman

Clinical Psychology

Kristen Hoffman is the librarian for the School of Psychology, Family and Community
Office: 126, Main floor of the library
Phone: 206-281-2423

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Below are various other ways to locate evaluative information about tests and measures, as well as sometimes locating the measure itself.

SPU INDEX TABLE RESOURCES : Books that evaluate tests and measures by topic, and sometimes provide examples of the measures themselves. They are located near the reference desk on the main floor of the library. Library use only.

SPU Psychology Assessment Reference Sources

The PsycINFO database has a field called TM Tests and Measures, identifying journal articles and book chapters that use specific tests or measures. Restrict your search to that limiter in "Select a field." To find if the test itself is available, add the word "Appended" to the end of the name of the measure when constructing your search. Under INDEXES, you can 'Browse the INDEXES' drop-down field 'Tests and Measures' to find an alphabetical list of ways test names are listed, including the number of articles involved.

The TEST FILE is a collection of actual tests used professionally. This is a restricted file for access only by students in particular classes (e.g. CPY 7300). Search either the Test File Special Collection, or search SPU Primo and limit by Physical Location to Test File - Restricted.


1. Search SPU Primo by keyword for topic or test name (a measure may be in a book's appendix). 
2. Search for websites via Google under the measure's specific title in quotations "  " to see if it is available online. 
3. Consult SPU Psychology faculty; they may know of a measure on your topic and how to get it.