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Cindy Strong

Business and Economics

Cindy Strong is the liaison librarian for the School of Business and Economics. 

Office: #127 Main floor of the Library

Phone: 206-281-2074


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Public Company Accounting Oversight Board  web site for the nonprofit corporation that reports standards and audits of public companies.

Company Information

See also, the resources on Databases page -- Business Source Complete, ABI/INFORM, IBISWorld, Business Analyst Online, etc.

20th Century American Leaders Database by Harvard Business School
American Business Leaders Harvard created database of brief biographical information of 20th century womena and men whose business leadership had an impact on how people live, work, and interact.
AdvertisingAge  website offering up-to-date news on the marketing and advertising industries
AlacraWiki  a wiki dedicated to all things business--information, companies, databases, and more
American City Business Journals business news from 40 U.S. markets. Good place to find news articles on private companies
ASAE gateway search tool providing links to over 6,500 associations published by the American Society of Association Executives
Association of Washington Business AWB is an advocate for the business community in Washington State. The site provides resources and links covering a number of areas such as Government Resources and Manufacturing and Workforce resources. Most of the members of the AWB are small business owners.
BigCharts  by MarketWatch, Inc. Company profiles on publicly traded companies, company financials, news, etc.
BIZ Info online "library" of information on how to start and grow a business
Business Insights: Essentials This Seattle Public Library database is as the title suggests, ESSENTIAL in providing company histories, rankings, SWOT reports, Market Research reports, etc. for publicly traded companies.
Business USA a government sponsored web site providing links, contacts, information, etc. on everything "related to business in the USA"
Charity Navigator find information on charities. This site also lists numerous "Top 10" lists. For example, "10 Most Followed Charities," "10 Super-Sized Charities," "10 Top-Notch Charities," and more.
Encyclopedia of Small Business
Executive Pay "The Pay at the Top" The New York Times project listing pay for 200 chief executives at 199 public companies
globalEDGE  resource developed by Michigan State University providing information on international businesses
GuideStar a variety of information on non-profits
Hoover's Online Basic company information
INC. 500 Lists of INC.'s top companies
King County Public Library Business, Economics, and Investing Databases  Morningstar Investment Research Center, D&B Million Dollar Database, Business & Company Resource Center, Plunkett Research, Value Line, and more. You must have a library card to access these databases.
The Public Register Order free annual reports.
Puget Sound Business Journal Outlet for Seattle business news.
Small Business Administration U.S. government resource with resources for small businesses, including links to individual state sites.
Yahoo! Finance A rich source of financial information along with company profiles.

Corporate Social Responsibility

100 Best Corporate Citizens Corporate Responsibility Magazine's yearly list of the 100 best corporate citizens. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the link to a PDF document with the 2011 list of companies.
BELL: The Business Ethics Link Library Explore this site to find resources for research in business ethics and social responsibility.
Best of the Best Business Websites Reference and User Services Association websites on economics research & reference
Business for Social Responsibility
Corporate Register A primary reference point for corporate responsibility (CR) resports and resources worldwide.
CSRwire The Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire
CorpWatch A site dedicated to "holding corporations accountable." Search the site for information on industries and issues (such as consumerism, the environment, executive compensation, etc.).
Free2Work Explore this site to find out labor standards for various products and companies.
Global Reporting Initiative -- non-profit organization focusing on promoting economic, environmental, and social sustainability of companies
Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility --non-profit organization focusing on promoting economic, environmental, and social sustainability
Restaurants Opportunities Center United (ROCUnited)--this non-profit organization focuses on improving wages and working conditions for the nation's low-wage restaurant workers. (from their web site)

Bureau of Economics (Federal Trade Commission) Clicking on the Research tab will take you to a page with links to various types of economic research and reports.
Directory of Open Access Journals--Economics DOAJ list of open access economics journals.
Economic Census  U.S. government site providing a five-year measure of American business and the economy
Economic Mobility Project  Pew Charitable Trust project focusing on economic mobility--ability to move up or down the income ladder.
Economic Research & Data  Federal Reserve web site with providing economic research and data
Economics Research Network sponsored by the Social Science Research Network, this web site provides links to resarch from all over the world
Economics & Statistics Administration (U.S. Deparment of Commerce) In-depth reports, fact sheets, and briefings on policy issues and current economic events. Points to government site where you can find information on various economic indicators such as retail sales, home sales, construction spending, GDP, etc.  from the FAQ page, this site "brings together resources from across the U.S. Government to assist American businesses in planning their international sales strategies and succeed in today's global marketplace."
FRED: Federal Reserve Economic Data.  Database of over 27,086 (as of 2011) economic time series.
IDEAS-RePEc Bibliographic database dedicated to Economics. Thiose looking for journal rankings, click on the Rankings link on the left under "More services." 
National Bureau of Economic Research Seeks to provide unbiased economic research.
Open Knowledge Repository by World Bank provides a FREE portal for a large body of publications by the World Bank from 2005-2012. Collections include Annual Reports, books, journals, working papers, Economic and Sector Work studies, etc.
The State of Working America -- Economic Policy Institute has been publishing this analysis since 1988.  Includes data on family incomes, wages, jobs, unemployment, wealth, and poverty. 
Resources for Economists on the Internet  American Economic Association web site providing a guide to Internet resources for economists.
The State of Working America ongoing analysis by the Economic Policy Institute that includes data on family income, wages, jobs, unemployment, wealth, and poverty.
Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions  Otherwise known as the Beige Book and published by the Federal Reserve Board, this free source reports on the current economic conditions in the Districts.  Information comes from Banks, their directors, and interviews with key business contacts, economists, and market experts.
World Economic Outlook Reports
WorkForce Explorer for Washington State  The Washingoton Labor Market Quarterly Review examines the economic conditions affecting the labor market of Washington State.
Unemployment and Recovery Project published by the Urban Institute, this site provides information on unemployment and recovery
U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis Timely, relevant, and accurate economic data including information on GDP, personal income, industry, consumer spending, corporate profits, and more.
U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics   Provides data on labor market activity, working conditions, and price changes in the economy.
U.S. Census Bureau Concentration Ratios Data from the Economic census.  Manufacturing reports that include the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index.
U.S.D.A. (U.S. Department of Agriculture) Economic Research Service 
U.S.D.A World Supply and Demand Estimates
Washington State Employment Security Department Washington State employment conditions, economy, job market, and work force information
World Bank Economic research, data, and analysis.  Click on the Research link at the top of the page to get to the "Data & Research" page.
World Development Indicators, 2013 collection of development indicators gleaned from international sources. Sections include World View, People, Environment, Economy, and States and Markets.


See also, the resources on the Databases page--MergentOnline, IBISWorld, Business Source Complete

Business & Finance published by InfoPlease, this web site provides a range of statistics on U.S. business, the stock market, foreign trade, commerce, taxes, as well as world statistics, and biographies of business leaders
BizStats free web site providing business statistics and financial ratios
Common Size Financial Statements a web page that explains common size ratios which are used to compare financial statements of different-size companies
CGAP (Consultative Group to Assist the Poor)
EDGAR SEC  Use this site to find financial reports on publicly traded companies.
Google Finance  current finance information and historical stock prices by day up to 35 years
Microfinance Gateway
Seattle Public Library The Financial Times  and other business  and economic focused periodicals
Study Finance: Fundamentals of Applied Finance self-paced tutorials on various aspects of finance
Wall Street and the Financial Crisis Anatomy of a Financial Crisis--pdf document by the Majority and Minority Staff, Permanent Subcommittee on Investigation, U.S. Senate. Go to this link and type in "Anatomy of a Financial Crisis."
Total Cost of Ownership Estimator this free resource helps you calculate ALL of the costs and risks associated with offshoring
Yahoo Finance Industry Information 


See also, the resources on the Databases page--IBISWorld, Business Source Complete

Alacra Industry Spotlights  a Wiki providing proprietary reviews and on web sources of industry information
BigCharts  by MarketWatch, Inc. Industry information. Click on the Industries tab near the top of the page.
Business Reference Services Library of Congress site providing a bibliography of print and online sources for certain industries
Economic Census U.S. government site providing a five-year measure of American business and the economy
Encyclopedia of American Industries
globalEDGE Industry profiles provided by Michigan State University's highly acclaimed site
Harvard Business School Working Knowledge  Harvard's Working Knowlege site is a forum for innovation in business practice.  You can find recently published articles on Entrepreneurship, Finance, Leadership & Management, specific industries (Health Care, Retail & Wholesale, Technology, Transportation, etc.) and more.
Industries at a Glance
Internet Intelligence Index  produced by Fuld & Company, this site provides "links to nearly 600 intelligence-related Internet sites, covering everything from macro-economic data to individual patent and stock quote information." free access to abstracts of industry reports. Full copies of reports are available for a fee.
Moody's Online   Provides research on companies, industries, ratings, and much more.
**NAICS (North American Industry Classification System   Use this tool to identify the NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) code for an industry.
King County Public Library Business, Economics, & Investing Databases  Morningstar Investment Research Center, Factiva, D&B Million Dollar Database, Business & Company Resource Center, Value Line, and more. You must have a library card to access these databases.
Occupational Outlook Handbook U.S. Bureau of Labor information on trends and outlook in more than 800 occupations.
Manta   use this free web site to identify the NAICS code for a specific company
Small Business Administration    Statistics for Specific Industries
U.S. Census Industry Snapshots
U.S. Current Industrial Reports 
U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis Timely, relevant, and accurate economic data including information on GDP, personal income, industry, consumer spending, corporate profits, and more.
U.S. International Trade Commission


APEC-Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation  their "primary goal is to support sustainable economic growth and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region." (from the APEC website)
African Development Indicators detailed data on Africa from the World Bank
CIA--The World Factbook provides a rich array of information on "267 world entities." NOTE: the information is from a U.S. perspective.
Coface Country Risk and Economic Research
Country Studies--Library of Congress
Culture Crossing user-built web site offering rich information on cross-cultural interactions all across the world.  (from the web site) The information posted in the individual country guides is "submitted by people who are either natives or residents (or former residents) of the featured country."
DATA.GOV datasets generated by the federal government.
Economist The Economist Topics list, provides current news and information on countries (as well as other topics)
European Union this official website of the European Union provides information about the EU including primary research.
EuroStat  European statistics from the official office of the European Union in Luxembourg
Exporter Dynamic Database by WorldBank provides exporter characteristics from 45 countries--Latin America, Sub-Saharan and Northern Africa, and the Middle East U.S. government site providing market research information on various industries and countries. Note: students/researchers will need to register to get free access to some of the reports. 
Fact Sheets U.S. State department background notes on countries. Note: the perspective is a western one.
Federation of International Trade Associations links to resources for most countries in the world
FEDSTATS official government site providing statistical information from federal agencies
Foreign Trade--U.S. Census Bureau
Fortune Global 500 sponsored by CNN Money and Fortune and offering a similar concept as the Fortune 500 for the U.S.,  this site lists the top 500 international companies
FRED International Economic Trends Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis offers reports on trends in international economics
Global Economic Prospects  country level data on the economic outlook of majority world (i.e. developing countries) countries
GlobalEDGE  Global resources, information on countries, information on U.S. states, industry analysis on selected industries
International Macroeconomic Data Set produced by the USDA Economic Research Service, this site provides data from 1969 through 2020 for real (adjusted for inflation) gross domestic product, population, real exchange rates, and other variables for 190 countires (source: Strauss's handbook of business information)
International Monetary Fund
International Newspapers and Magazines  sponsored by the Internet Public Library, this site helps you to identify local newspapers in various countries.
International Trade Commission  online access to import and export data
Lex Africa  Needing to do business in Africa? Check out the downloadable PDFs on a country site for more information.
NationMaster  World statistics and country comparisons
OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation & Development) source for global macroeconomic and trade data
OFFSTATS University of Auckland website of "Official statistics on the Web." Organized by country, region, or subject, this site lists FREE statistics from official sources on the web
**TradeStats Express an interactive site sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the International Trade Administration, offering detailed statistics organized by NAICS code on U.S. trade with individual countries, geographic regions, or trading & and economic regions.  Also offers a quick big-picture look at import and export data.
UNDATA United Nations statistical data on countries
UNSD Statistical Databases United Nations produced site providing data on international trade, energy, industry, transport, demographic statistics, and much more
U.S. Department of State--Country Background Notes click on the link for a particular country name and find out all sorts of information about the country and their relations with the United States. NOTE--The information is written from a western perspective.
World Bank Data  Financial indicators from the dataset, World Development Indicators (WDI)
World Bank and International Finance Corporation Knowledge resource: financial and private sector development information.
World Development Indicators, 2013  collection of development indicators gleaned from international sources.  Sections include World View, People, Environment, Economy, and States and Markets.
World Development Report, 2013: Jobs  World Bank report on jobs internationally. NOTE: this PDF takes a while to load.
World Economic Forum
World Economic Outlook Reports 
Worldometers current, real-time, numbers on world population, environment, government expenditures, technology purchases, health issues, energy, etc. 
WTO-World Trade Organization "Is an organization for trade opening. It is a forum for governments to negotiate trade agreements. It is a place for them to settle trade disputes. It operates a system of trade rules. Essentially, the WTO is a place where member governments try to sort out the trade problems they face with each other." (from the WTO website)
WTO - Statistics Database - retrieve statistical information on extensive trade data covering 90 economies and Services Profiles on 100 key indicators.


See also, the resources on the Databases page--SRDS Local Market Audience Analyst, Business Source Complete, Business Analyste Online

See also, the resources on the Reference Sources page for e-book and print reference sources

AdvertisingAge free website offering up-to-date news on the marketing and advertising industries
Advertising Collections produced by Duke University Libraries, this amazing site is a portal to digitized advertisements contained in The Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising, & Marketing History. Searchable by keyword, you can then narrow results by publication, format, subject, or medium. Try a search for Coke ads from 1946.
American Marketing Association check out the "Reference" section of the "Resource Library" for information on best practices, research papers, white papers, etc.
American Time Use Survey U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics--measures the amount of time people spend doing various activities.
Consumer Expenditure Survey U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics--The Quarterly Inteview Survey and the Diary Survey provide information on the buying habits of American consumers, including data on their expenditures, income, and consumer unit characteristics.  free access to abstracts of industry reports.  Full copies of reports are available for a fee.
Market Research Libary U.S. Commercial Research
National Retail Federation Check this site out for information on industry trends, retail trends, research reports, and more. Click on the "Industry Information" tab at the top to find consumer trend reports. "your essential fix of entrepreneurial idea" check out the newletters highlighting various consumer trends.

Statistical/Consumer Information (demographics, etc.)

American Customer Satisfaction Index
American FactFinder This newly revised robust search engine is very useful for mining extensive Census data on age, sex, households, families, and housing units. 2010 Census data is available. Searches can be done at the zip code level.
Business & Finance Published by InfoPlease, this web site provides a range of statistics on U.S. business, the stock market, foreign trade, and commerce, as well as world statistics, and biographies of business leaders.
City Data Provides data on income, crime, shortest commute, biggest house, best educated residents, and more.
Concentration Ratios (U.S. Census Bureau) Data from the Economic Census. Manufacturing reports include the Herfindahl-Hirschman Index.
Consumer Expenditure Survey Provides information on the buying habits of American consumers, including data on their expenditures, income, and consumer unit (families and single consumers) characteristics.
Consumer Price Index U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics web site reporting monthly data on changes in the prices paid by urban consumers for goods and services
County Business Patterns Provides data on counts of establishments by the employment size of the establishment, and more.
DemographicsNOW --Granular demographic information on income, housing, race, age, retail spending, spending on food, market segmentation, and much more. This resource is available online to those who hold a FREE library card at the Seattle Public Library.
Department of Homeland Security Immigration Statistics
National Retail Federation Check this site out for information on industry trends, retail trends, research reports, and more. Click on the "Industry Information" tab at the top to find consumer trend reports.

Metro Trends Provides data and commentaries for the top 100 metropolitan areas.
Pew Research Social & Demographic Trends Available at this site are reports on demographics, economics, population trends, religion, social trends, and more.
Quick Facts Find quick facts from the Census Bureau about business, retail, and demographic information at this site.
States Perform by the Council of State Governments provides users ith access to interactive, customizable and up-to-date comparative performance measurement data for 50 states in six key areas: fiscal and economic, public safety and justice, energy and environment, transportation, health and human services, and education
***Statista need to find quick statistics? Try this site. Click on the Key Topics hyperlink found underneath the banner, to find statistics on a whole range of topics. For example, baby food market, construction equipment, auto sales in China, sales info on Apple products, and lots more.
Statistics of US Businesses U.S. Census Bureau site providing reports on things such as, number of firms, number of establishments, employment, annual payroll, etc.
United States Census Bureau data about the nation's peopole and economy (ethnic, income, household data, population statistics, business, and much more)
World Database of Happiness Maintained by Ruut VeenHoven, a sociologist from Erasmus University in the Netherlands, this database provides a growing collection of available studies on happiness or "subjective well-being."
Zip Code Statistics Cal State Oviatt Library provides links to sites with zip code information. need quick statistics on a particular zip code? Try this site.


Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance provides program descriptions for over 2,000 Federal assistance programs within the top 5 agencies-- Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Education, Department of the Interior, Department of Agriculture, and Department of Housing and Urban Development
E-Commerce Times news outlet for everything related to e-commerce
Free Management Library this free resource provides articles and resources on business and management topics
Harvard Business School Case Studies   Fee based. Create an account and search the database for case studies. These are not free.
Institute for Faith, Work, & Economics resources, blogs, sermons, and more exploring questions of justice, equality, and the economy from a biblical perspective
Knowledge@Wharton The goal of this highly acclaimed site is to "disseminate business knowledge and insights to readers around the world."
Theology of Work Knowlege Base   Resources on what the scriptures say about work.
Total Cost of Ownership Estimator this free resource helps you calculate ALL of the costs and risks associated with offshoring