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Cindy Strong

Business and Economics

Cindy Strong is the liaison librarian for the School of Business and Economics. 

Office: #127 Main floor of the Library

Phone: 206-281-2074


New Subject Guides

Business Research (SBE resources)
ECN 2101
ECN 3810 
Simmons OneView (marketing report generator)
USEM 1000 Franz
USEM 1000 LaBrie
USEM 1000 Mason    

Business plans handbook    e-book A compilation of actual business plans developed by small businesses throughout North America.

Strauss's handbook of business information: A guide for librarians, students, and researchers (3rd edition).  REF HF1010 .S7796 2012

Business Ethics

The Oxford handbook of business ethics PRINT REF HF5387 .O95 2010
The Blackwell encyclopedia of management PRINT REF HD30.15 .B455 2005 v.1-10

Company Research

International Directory of Company Histories   e-book Provides detailed histories of many of the largest companies worldwide.
Puget Sound Business Journal Book of Lists [print] REF HC108.S77 B66 2013
Puget Sound Business Journal Book of Lists [print] HC108.S77 B66 2012

Consumer Behavior

See the PsycINFO database, in the list of "Core Resources" for Business and Economics.  PsycINFO is a robust database of abstracts and full text copies of journal articles, books, chapters of books, and dissertations.  While its focus is on behavior science, limiting the Classification Codes (found in the "Limit your results" section) to 3900,3920, and 3940 will return results on consumer attitudes and behavior, as well as marketing and advertising.

Americans and their homes: Demographics of homeownership   e-book. Examines the deomgraphics of American homeownership.  Examines trends in homeownership, homeowners and their homes, homeowners by region, owners of new homes, owners of mobile homes, etc. and spending on homes. (from the publisher's website)

American buyers: Demographics of shopping   e-book. Provides data for business to manage expectations (how many will walk through the door?) and set prices (how much do buyers typically spend?). It features a complete picture of the American consumer, including spending habits. (from the publisher's

American incomes: Demographics of who has money e-book. Explores the economic status of Americans and provides the latest data on the wealth of American households. Examines household income trends by age, household type, race and ethnicity, education, region of residence, and work status. Also focuses on the poverty p

American marketplace: Demographics and spending patterns e-book. Provides demographics and spending patters of American consumers. Includes data on education, health, housing, income, labor force participation, living arrangements, population, spending, and wealth.

Best customers: Demographics of consumer demand e-book. Analyzes household spending on numerous products and services by age, income, household type, race and Hispanic origin, region of residence, and educational attainment of householder.

Encyclopedia of American industries e-book. Provides detailed, comprehensive information on a wide range of industries in every realm of American business.

The Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries   e-book. Provides information and overview of emerging industries. For example, information on industries such as biometrics, electronic publishing, specialty tourism, etc. is provided.

Household spending: Who spends how much on what   e-book. Examines how much American households spend on hundreds of products and services by demographics including age, income, household type, region of residence, race and Hispanic origin, and educational attainment.

Who's buying at restaurants and carry-outs   e-book.  Who's buying breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks at fast-and full-service restaurants, etc. (from the publisher's website)

Economic Information

Statistical Abstract of the United States   SPU patrons only

Emerging Industry

Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries   e-book. Provides information about the inception, emergence and current status of new and established industries and business segments that are pioneering new technologies, introducing break-through marketing strategies or implementing innovative means of serving new markets.

Industry Financial and Performance Ratios

Almanac of business and industrial financial ratios PRINT REF HF5681.R25 A45 2012, and 2013
RMA Annual Statement Studies Financial Ratio Benchmarks  REF HF5681.B2 R6 2011

Industry Research

Business Statistics of the United States PRINT REF HC101 .A13122 2007
International Directory of Company Histories HD2721 .I63 1988-Current e-book. Provides detailed histories of many of the largest and most influential companies worldwide. Intended for reference use by students, business persons, librarians, historians, economists, investors, job candidates, and others who want to learn more about the historical development of the world's most important companies.
Standard & Poor's industry surveys PRINT REF HC106.6 .S74
U.S. Industry & Market Outlook PRINT REF HC101 .U56 2011


Social and sustainable entrepreneurship PRINT HD60 .S6834 2011

Market Information

Market Share Reporter PRINT REF HF5410 .M35 2010
Washington State retail survey PRINT REF HF5429.4.W2 W37 2011