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Tent City 3

Tent City 3

Hosting Tent City 3 is a concrete manifestation of Seattle Pacific University’s mission of engaging the culture and changing the world. Through this experience the SPU community has a unique opportunity to care for — and learn from — our neighbor. Tent City 3 will return to SPU in January, 2015.  Please visit SHAREWHEEL for Tent City 3's current location and specific needs.


Get your questions answered.



Events that took place on campus.


Get Involved

Learn how the SPU community helped while Tent City was here.



Get more information about homelessness and ways to serve.


News and Resources

Photo Essays

Over the last year, photo journalist Ilona Berzups followed the residents of Tent City 3, documenting their moves and getting to know their stories. Learn more in her photo essays, Tent City Tour and Walking with Giant.

SPU Faculty Statement of Affirmation

The faculty of Seattle Pacific University wholeheartedly affirms the decision to invite Tent City 3 and its residents to be guests on our campus. We believe that this decision is a faithful expression of our university’s commitment to engage the world lovingly as followers of Jesus. We thank all of those students, staff, administrators, and faculty who have worked with so much dedication to bring Tent City 3 to SPU, and we commit ourselves to support this ministry in both prayer and service.

Quick Facts

  • Security is 24/7 at TC3
  • Quiet hours: 9 p.m.–8 a.m.
  • Self-managed community

    Strict rules — sobriety, no violence, no drugs
  • Eligibility is based on government-issued photo ID
  • 100 residents maximum
  • Single men and women; couples