Seattle Pacific University

The Time Between


Summer has come, and for all of us, this is now the space in-between. In this time we look back on the past year and take stock of where we've been and what we've learned. And we also look ahead, dreaming and imagining what lays just around the next bend.

Here at SPU, we've spent the last year together immersed in the story of our scriptures - especially Psalms, John, and Revelation.  In these texts we find a big sweeping drama, a metanarrative, a story about all things past, present, and future. It's our script for life, and it's a magnificently hopeful story: scripture teaches us that one day, when God's plans for this earth are fulfilled, there will be no more death or crying or pain, but rather a new creation filled with the presence of love and justice.

In this in-between time, after this great promise has been made but before it's complete, our job is to join God in bringing this kind of love and hope into the world.

As we dwell in these summer months, in this space between years, it's a time for each one of us to look back with honest and graceful eyes: did we live this last year as vessels of God's love and justice in the earth? And we look forward too: can we imagine the redemption of God breaking in to the wounded places in ourselves and in our world this coming year?

As the people who are called to live between times, we look back to know where we've been, and to hear again that ancient promise that the story isn't over for us yet. Let's continue to dream together about the very good things that wait for us... even in this coming year!