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Ineliz Soto

My 2 Cents’ Worth

Ineliz Soto What is the most important aspect of an application?

Everything! We consider not only your grades but also grade trend and what types of classes are on your transcript. We also take into consideration your extracurricular involvements, writing level, SAT or ACT, and interest in SPU!

What essay faux pas make you cringe?

Do not start an essay with, "Hi, my name is" or have another institution's name in your essay. What bothers me most is when it's obvious a student didn't invest time into the application. This shows through typos or grammatical errors, when the student isn't answering the question we asked, and when it's obvious the student has no knowledge of SPU.

Does SPU have resources for students who are the first people to go to college in their families?

Yes! There is an early orientation program called Early Connections that helps those students at the start. Another potential resource is the Office of Multi-Ethnic Programs; it has people who connect students to resources on campus. MEP even has an office students can go to if they need a quiet place to study. Peers and professors are also a great resource.

What type of cultural clubs and activities are there at SPU?

There are so many! I wish I would have had these types of clubs when I went to college. There are hip-hop dance clubs, clubs for most ethnic groups, and my favorite: Mosaic. This club brings in people from all different cultures and backgrounds to talk about real issues in the world.

Ineliz Soto
Assistant Director of Admission
and Multicultural Outreach
Ames Scholar Pia Durias Multi-Ethnic Programs
Multi-Ethnic Programs at SPU promotes and supports the exploration and development of racial and ethnic identity and cross cultural competence for all students through programs and events in collaboration with other departments across campus.

Check out some of the clubs that Multi-Ethnic programs supports or see if you might qualify for an Ames scholarship!

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