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Noah Simpson

My 2 Cents' Worth

Jason ChiversWhat do you think is the most common misconception about SPU?

I think some students believe that being a Christian university means making sacrifices when it comes to academics. This is not the case. SPU is a Christ-centered community where a world-class faculty works closely with students. It’s a University that’s open to new perspectives, and devoted to top-notch academics in a variety of disciplines.

Any tips on what not to say on an application or in an interview?

Don’t tell us that you don’t know why you’ve applied. Give us a reason — even if you‘re not sure you want to attend SPU yet

What’s something that students should know before they apply?

We are impressed by students whose applications reflect time and thought, and who get all the pieces to us on or before the deadline.

What makes a student stand out to you on an application?

Two things really get my attention: students who are performing well in a rigorous curriculum, and strong writing. A well-written essay can stick with me and make me more likely to advocate for a student.

Why did you decide to go to SPU for your undergraduate degree?

I was intrigued by the thoughtful way that Christian faith and rigorous academics intertwine at Seattle Pacific. Then I visited, and was drawn in by the beautiful campus, the vibrant city of Seattle, and the inviting community of students, faculty, and staff. And, of course, when I was offered excellent financial aid, that made it a reality.

Noah Simpson
Admissions Counselor

My World

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Meet Chrissy Hughes. This sophomore has been to the U.S. Figure Skating Championships four times, and won the Junior Grand Prix twice.

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