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Jason Chivers

My 2 Cents' Worth

Jason ChiversWhy do you still work at SPU after going to school here?

I believe in our mission to engage the culture and change the world. I love helping prospective students find the place where they are called to be. And, it’s icing on the cake that I get to eat in Gwinn, our outstanding dining facility.

What should students write about in their personal statement?

Write about what makes you unique. You have incredible stories and life experiences. If you are funny or sarcastic, let that show in the essay. Just make sure the grammar is correct.

What was it like to transition from L.A. to Seattle as a freshman?

Transitioning from Los Angeles to Seattle was an adventure! During my only campus visit before enrolling, I experienced really nice spring weather so I didn’t know what to expect at other times. My first winter was tough. I had never experienced 45–50 degree weather and dressed like it was a sunny autumn day in Southern California. I learned that getting through the winter has a lot to do with your choice of clothing. Don’t forget your coat!

How on earth did you manage to get "recruiting in Hawaii" as part of your job description?

A colleague of mine could not make the trip so I was actually a last-minute replacement. It was a good fit since I was a member of our Hawaiian club as a student. Now I am the advisor for the club. SPU has a strong and growing community of students from Hawaii who are having an important and posi-tive impact on our campus. I love the Hawaiian culture!

Jason Chivers
Admissions Counselor

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