To LYNN VANDERLEY BROWN '92 and Dave Brown, a daughter, Juliana Grace, born May 2, 2001. She joins brothers Jacob and Joshua.

Joshua, Juliana and Jacob Brown

To JON HAYWARD '92 and KIMBERLY TABELL HAYWARD '91, a daughter, Kayleah Jalene, born May 5, 2001. She joins sister Alaina.

To KATHLEEN MCAULIFFE STURGES '91 and Michael Sturges, a son, David McAuliffe, born May 24, 2001. He joins brother Matthew.

To VICKI BRENEMAN FINCH '90 and PAUL FINCH '90, a daughter, Ashley Elizabeth, born June 19, 2001. She joins sister Brianna and brothers Jacob and Tyler.

To Heather Muljat and TROY MULJAT '92, a daughter, Marissa Kathleen, on July 24, 2001. She joins brother Cameron and sister Chloe.

To NANCY SLOAN LESUEUR '95 and Larry LeSueur, a daughter, Grace Ann, born July 25, 2001.

Grace Ann LeSueur

To JOY ABBOTT MADOLE '92 and Kent Madole, a son, Noah Thomas, born August 3, 2001. He joins brother Nathan.

To GWEN PLAGERMAN JOHNSTON '98 and Mike Johnston, a daughter, Samantha Rose, born August 26, 2001.

To LAUREN COMPTON NEAL '95 and JONATHAN NEAL '97, a daughter, Peyton Alexandra, born September 5, 2001.

To JACQUELINE SMITH MCCLOUD '89 and BLAIR MCCLOUD '91, a son, Jedediah Peter, born September 11, 2001. He joins sister Sadie and brother Elias.

To DONNA WISSEMAN HAUSKEN '89 and ZACH HAUSKEN '90, a son, Guthrie Lucas, born September 15, 2001. He joins brother Griff.

To DANI HEMPHILL FAY '95 and Daniel Fay, a daughter, Caitlin Mariana, born October 22, 2001.

To KRISTINA REID MITCHELL '95 and Jim Mitchell, a daughter, Makena Ana, born November 7, 2001. She joins sister Kaylee.

To PATRICK MCBURNEY JR. '88 and Julie McBurney, a son, George White, born November 8, 2001.

To KAREN WESCHLER KENNEDY '85 and ED KENNEDY '87, a son, Jacob Edward, born November 20, 2001.

To RICHARD BECKER '83 and Nancy Becker, a daughter, Cecilia Grace, born December 1, 2001. She joins brothers Benedict and Crispin, and sisters Joan and Margaret.

To KATIE VADNAIS GALLAHER '95 and Jason Gallaher, a daughter, Emma Elizabeth, born December 1, 2001.

To JEAN MCDANIEL SISON '85 and Tanny Sison, a daughter, Adelaide Hope, born December 11, 2001. She joins brother Kenneth.

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