To CARLA BOTHMAN BRADLEY '86 and Mark Bradley, a daughter, Natalya Kathryn Guinevere, born May 6, 1998. She joins brother Zachariah.

To KRISTIE THOMAS GARRETT '90 and LARRY GARRETT '90, a son, Connor Royce, born August 2, 1998.

To Shirley Vermillion and PETE VERMILLION '95, a son, Jesse Cole, born August 30, 1998.

To JACQUELINE SMITH MCCLOUD '89 and BLAIR MCCLOUD '91, a son, Elias Peter, born November 11, 1998.

To DENYC MUNSELL BOLES '91 and Jeff Boles, a son, Michael Stephen, born December 5, 1998.

To Stacey Ohlman and DAN OHLMAN '90, a daughter, Shawna Marie, born December 30, 1998.

To GINA LOCKHART IHEKE '93 and Bonny Iheke, a son, Nnamdi Alexander, born February 25, 1999.

To JENNIFER WILLIAMS BODE '92 and DARRIN BODE '92, a son, Davis William, born March 6, 1999.

To SHARILYN KOFFLER CARMICHAEL '92 and ANDREW CARMICHAEL '92, a son Dietrich Jason, born March 25, 1999. He joins sister Teresa.

To AMY GRANT SCHERRER '95 and TONY SCHERRER '94, a son, Alden Christopher, born April 19, 1999.

To CHRISTA MOOR-MEIER DE GRANDA '95 and Chris de Granda, a son, Alexander, born May 2, 1999.

To BETHANY GRAHAM-COLBER '82 and Douglas Colber, a daughter, Evelyn Lindsley, born June 3, 1999.

To Lynda Richards and MITCH RICHARDS '87, a daughter, Renne Anne, born June 28, 1999. She joins sister Reilly.

To HOLLY SMITH ULFERS '84 and David Ulfers, a son, Austin Richard, born August 6, 1999.

To VICKI JO BRENEMAN FINCH '90 and PAUL FINCH '90, a son, Tyler Paul, born August 10, 1999.

To KATHLEEN MCAULIFFE STURGES '91 and Michael Sturges, a son, Matthew, born August 24, 1999.

To WENDY THOMASSON LINDELL '88 and DAN LINDELL '88, a daughter, Gabriella Rae, born August 29, 1999. She joins brothers Dane and Ethan.

To KIMBERLI STUECKLE COWMAN '87 and Steve Cowman, a daughter, Ashley Ann, born September 5, 1999.

To KELLY HOLTZ '97 and Michael Holtz, a daughter, Mackenzie Elizabeth, born September 15, 1999.

To JULI HYNDEN '88 and STEVE HYNDEN '87, a son, Karl Michael, born October 20, 1999.

To Amy Judy and JEFF JUDY '95, a son, Ethan Jeffrey, born October 22, 1999.

To KRISTINA REID MITCHELL and James Mitchell, a daughter, Kaylee Elizabeth, born October 22, 1999.

To DEBBIE OLSHEFSKY GOERING '92 and KURT GOERING '91, a son, Gannon Jacob, born October 25, 1999.

To BRENDA MASON BOAD '95 and Carter Boad, a daughter, Victoria Louise, born November 1, 1999.

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