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Summer 2006 | Volume 29, Number 3 | Footnotes


To MALAIKA SMITH CLELAND 92 and Jackson Clelland, a daughter, Madeline Grace, born May 25, 2005.

To KRISTEN ERICKSON-MOBERG 04 and Tom Moberg, a son, Noah Michael, born June 16, 2005.

To BRANDI RANDAL PIECORA 97 and Dan Piecora, a daughter, Eden Mary-Clare, born July 27, 2005. She joins brothers Gabriel and Gideon.

To Jessica Jorgenson and BRIAN JORGENSON 04, a son, Benjamin David, born August 6, 2005.

To STEPHANIE ENGLE PENROD 98 and Isaiah Penrod, a daughter, Victoria Louise, born October 12, 2005.

To AMY MENELEY ECKELS 02 and JENS ECKELS 01, a daughter, Kaelin Jessica, born October 17, 2005.

To JoAnna Crawford and JOHN CRAWFORD 99, a son, Thomas Ulysses, born October 22, 2005. He joins sisters Grace and Madeline.

To KARA KENAGY VANDERLEEST 98 and KIRK VANDERLEST 98, a son, Quinn Stephen, born October 24, 2005. He joins sister Dylan.

To ANDREA ZIMMER BELL 03 and CASEY BELL 02, a daughter, Kyla Faith, born November 21, 2005.

To ROXANNE NIEDERT PEARSON 89, M.S. 92, and BRIAN PEARSON 88, a daughter, Julianne Kristina, born December 20, 2004, and adopted November 29, 2005. She joins brothers Jared and Joel.

To ELKI TABA 95 and Josh Tygiel, a son, Hudson Kainalu Connor, born January 6, 2006.

To SARAH ENGLE VIERS 00 and TIMOTHY VIERS 99, a daughter, Noelle Leilani, born January 7, 2006.

To ALYSSA RITER MORGAN 99 and Chad Morgan, a son, Justus Paul, born January 8, 2006. He joins brother Josiah.

To JESSICA MAJORS SHRINER 97 and PAUL SHRINER 97, a son, Eben Joshua, born January 16, 2006. He joins brothers Eli and Noah.

To Kanae Lilja and JON LILJA 94, a daughter, Hanalei Maika, born January 19, 2006.

To JANELE FULLER DREES 94 and Mark Drees, a daughter, Sophia Elizabeth Joy, born February 19, 2006. She joins brothers Caleb and Nathan.

To MELISSA JEFFERY POTRATZ 03 and AARON POTRATZ 03, a son, Daniel Carter, born February 22, 2006.

To JENNIFER BRIDGMAN-BLACK 96 and Randy Black, a daughter, Isabella Raye, born February 24, 2006. She joins brother Austin and sister Abigail.

To KRISTIN CAMERON WALTER 96 and Matt Walker, a daughter, Alexis Lauren, born February 27, 2006.

To Nancy Becker and RICHARD BECKER 83, a daughter, Katharine Anne, born March 3, 2006. She joins brothers Benedict, Crispin, and Nicholas, and sisters Joan, Margaret, and Cecilia.

To Kara Mitchell and STEVE MITCHELL 87, a son, Andrew Jeremiah, born April 5, 2006.

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