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Summer 2005 | Volume 28, Number 2 | Footnotes


To TYRA WILBUR MURRAY ’92 and SETH MURRAY ’92, a son, Joseph Loren, born September 18, 2003. He joins sisters Sophia and Margaret, and brother Isaiah.

To GRETCHEN SAUL STROHMAIER ’91 and DAVID STROHMAIER ’89, a son, Ezra Carl Jon, born February 15, 2004.

To JoEllen Nikkel and TODD NIKKEL ’93, a daughter, Hannah Jubilee Rose, born March 4, 2004. She joins brother Walker.

To JENNIFER PATERSON REEVE-PARKER ’95 and Simon Reeve-Parker, a son, Aidan Benjamin, born April 24, 2004.

To MISHAWN ORCHARD TREMPER ’00 and MATT TREMPER ’00, a daughter, Elsie Taylor, born May 9, 2004.

To JENNIFER ELLIS ALEXANDER ’92 and GEORGE ALEXANDER ’92, a daughter, Amanda Grace, born June 16, 2004.

To MELANI SHOEMAKER PLETT ’91 and Curtis Plett, a son, Ryan James, born July 1, 2004. He joins sister Alyssa.

To CINDY MANSFIELD THOMAS ’96 and Eric Thomas, a son, Daniel James, born August 22, 2004. He joins brother Dylan.

To Kelly Venable and PETER VENABLE ’97, a daughter, Hannah Christine, born August 26, 2004.

To GINA WAYMAN HOLMEN ’95 and DAN HOLMEN ’93, a son, Jonathon Philip, born September 2, 2004. He joins brother Tyler and sister Maya.

To SARAH O’BANION ’02 and Thomas O’Banion, a son, Ryan Thomas, born September 16, 2004.

To KATIE YOST KAVULLA ’03 and JOSH KAVULLA ’02, a daughter, Janie Kate, born September 17, 2004.

To HILARIE HOLSTROM BOSWELL ’95 and CAMERON BOSWELL ’95, twins, Brittain Cameron and Anna Christine, born September 22, 2004. They join sister Claire.

To Jeannine Pound and TONY POUND ’92, a daughter, Joy Melody, born October 24, 2004.

To Carly Petrzelka and TUCKER PETRZELKA ’95, a daughter, Jade Kalia, born October 25, 2004.

To MONICA GOUGEON KEEN ’88 and NATHAN KEEN ’87, a daughter, Cecilia Honor, born September 24, 2003, and adopted October 29, 2004.

To ALYSSA RITTER MORGAN ’99 and Chad Morgan, a son, Josiah Dana William, born October 31, 2004.

To KAREN LINDQUIST STEMWELL ’87 and John Stemwell, a daughter, Emma Ruth, born October 31, 2004. She joins brother Micah.

To MARGO WOOD VETERSNECK ’90 and Mike Vetersneck, a son, Michael James, born October 31, 2004.

To CINDY ISAAK FUJIWARA ’96 and David Fujiwara, a daughter, Faith Marie, born November 11, 2004. She joins brother Daniel.

To ANNA LEE GRASS ’98 and PAUL GRASS ’98, a son, Andrew Lee, born November 15, 2004. He joins brother Caleb.

To CAROLYN ROSS MONTONATI ’98 and John Montonati, a daughter, Isabella Naomi, born November 15, 2004.

To KATRINA SMITH JOHNSON ’01 and Adam Johnson, a son, Reuben Curtis, born November 21, 2004.

To JENNIFER ESTERLY WALDROUP ’97 and Chris Waldroup, a daughter, Claire Elizabeth, born November 26, 2004.

To HOLLY BELLE BRYANT ANDERSON ’95 and Isaac Anderson, a daughter, Simone Beatrice, born November 30, 2004. She joins sister Delaney and brother Cullen.

To CARYN NOWAK BOSTROM ’01 and LEIF BOSTROM ’03, a son, Anders Calen, born December 3, 2004.

To SUZANNE FORBES HILDRETH ’97 and BRAQUE HILDRETH ’97, a daughter, Madison Winter, born December 3, 2004.

To PATTI LEEK WILDERMUTH ’94 and Eric Wildermuth, a son, Brian Russell, born January 2, 2005.

To ROBIN JOHNSON LYLE ’85 and Ed Lyle Jr., a daughter, Sarah Timony, born January 5, 2005. She joins brother Edward.

To Gretchen Crouch and BRIAN CROUCH ’97, a daughter, Caitlyn Elyse, born February 6, 2005.

To STEPHANIE KELLY HJORTEN ’95 and Erik Hjorten, a son, Lars Carrick, born February 9, 2005.

To KAREN FORTNER VANDERVATE ’87 and NELSON VANDERVATE ’87, a son, Jacob Michael, born April 25, 2005. He joins sister Natalie.

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