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Summer 2004 | Volume 26, Number 7 | Footnotes


To COLLEEN MCINTYRE CASTAΡEDA ’85 and Jesus Castaρeda, a son, Luνs David, born February 7, 2003.

To ABBY BARTLETT MANSFIELD ’93 and LANCE MANSFIELD ’93, a daughter, Jaden Hope, born February 7, 2003, and adopted February 9, 2003.

To PAMELA HUGHES RENSCH ’96 and Christopher Rensch, a son, Jonah Christopher, born July 20, 2003. He joins sister Ariel.

To JACQUELINE SMITH MCCLOUD ’89 and BLAIR MCCLOUD ’91, a son, Matthias Peter, born September 25, 2003, and died October 15, 2003. He joined sister Sadie and brothers Elias and Jed.

To DANELLE BODE ALEXANDER ’00 and Dante Alexander, a daughter, Ashlyn Paige, born October 7, 2003.

To JANELLE FULLER DREES ’94 and Mark Drees, a son, Nathanael Grant, born October 16, 2003. He joins brother Caleb.

To DANA NEFF BITTO ’97 and Nikolaus Bitto, twin sons, Samuel Caelan and Luke Joseph, born November 16, 2003.

To KARA KENAGY VANDERLEEST ’98 and KIRK VANDERLEEST ’98, a daughter, Dylan Mae, born January 4, 2004.

To ARIANA HOLLINGSWORTH EVANS ’99 and David Evans, a daughter, Ellinore Amelia, born January 21, 2004.

To JEANNIE HALLE ISAAK ’90 and SCOTT ISAAK ’91, a son, Dane Michael, born March 8, 2004. He joins brothers Derek, Drew and Dallas.

To Christie Solovjev and GEORGE SOLOVJEV ’83, a daughter, Anna Christine, born March 11, 2004.

To IRENE SHULTS EVANS ’84 and Douglas Evans, a son, Hunter Douglas, born April 2, 2004. He joins brother Cole.

To Amy Jorgensen and MIKE JORGENSEN ’87, twin sons, Connor David and Dylan Scott, born April 14, 2004.

To KAREN PINNEO LINCE ’84 and BRENT LINCE ’84, a daughter, Bethany Joy, on April 14, 2004. She joins sisters Megan and Alexis.

To KELLY HOLTZ ’97 and Mike Holtz, a daughter, Alexandra Katherine, born April 22, 2004. She joins sister Mackenzie and brother Micheal.

To LISA SWEISBERGER FALLON ’94 and SHANNON FALLON ’94, a son, Cooper Thomas, born April 28, 2004. He joins brothers Caden, Carson and Colton.

To Molly Benjamin and DAN BENJAMIN ’96, a daughter, Rylie Claire, born May 7, 2004.

To Kim Hoeldtke and NATHAN HOELDTKE ’85, a son, Zacharias Nathan, born June 2, 2004.

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