Madeline and Amanda Petrowski

To JULEY COUGHLAN PETROWSKI '91 and Doug Petrowski, a daughter, Amanda Marquis, born July 17, 1997. She joins sister Madeline.

To LINDA BARTLOW FAIRCHILD '89 and ERIC FAIRCHILD '89, a son, Brian John, born October 24, 1997. He joins brother Evin.

To DEBORAH PERSON DOWNS '83 and Craig Downs, a daughter, Florence Deborah, born March 25, 1998. She joins brothers Nathanael, Spencer and Riley, and sister Joelle (deceased).

To CARI REIMER CUMMINS '88 and Andy Cummins, a son, Andrew Philip, born May 29, 1998. He joins sister Kayla.

To KATHLEEN SMITH CUMMINS '81 and Scott Cummins, a daughter, Savannah Catherine, born June 11, 1998. She joins sister Mallory.

Chad Carlson

To LAURA KIRBY CARLSON '89 and ERIC CARLSON '89, a son, Chad Edwin, born June 17, 1998. He joins brother Reese.

To KIM FESSENDEN STRID '91 and Jerrod Strid, a daughter, Caitlyn Abigail, born July 20, 1998. She joins brother Jay and sister Arianna.

To KAREN THOMPSON '91 and DAVID THOMPSON '90, a daughter, Marissa, born August 19, 1998.

To JULIE HAURY TRUMBLE '95 and Kelly Trumble, a daughter, Kyla Suzanne, born August 22, 1998.

To JULIE LINDBERG BACKOUS '86 and DOUG BACKOUS '84, a daughter, Lindsey Rebecca, born August 23, 1998. She joins brothers Taylor and Jonathan.

To KATHY MYHRE RODRIGUEZ '91 and MIKE RODRIGUEZ '92, a daughter, Elizabeth Grace, born August 24, 1998.

To KAREN KAMINISHI '87 and Jonathan Buckley, a son, Brian Jerzy, born August 27, 1998.

To SUSAN SCHOEPF RANKIN '84 and Philip Rankin, a son, Elias James, born August 29, 1998. He joins brothers Seth and Caleb.

To KIMBERLY BRANDT PUTNEY '88 and ROD PUTNEY '89, a daughter, Claire Meredith, born September 1, 1998.

To Jane Rowley and MATTHEW ROWLEY '88, a son, Cole Neville, born September 8, 1998. He joins sisters Megan and Lauren.

To JENNIFER BRIGHT '90 and Joseph Price, a son, Caymus Makanalani, born October 1, 1998. He joins sister Dagny, and brothers Taggart and Jensen.

To SHERRIE FOSTER SNYDER '84 and DANE SNYDER '86, a daughter, Andreya Maree, born October 4, 1998. She joins sisters Annah and Karyn and brother Brandon.

To JODIE JOHNSON PARDI '94 and William Pardi, a son, William Ryan, born November 2, 1998. He joins brother Philip.

To KATHY THOEN GELZER '84 and Dan Gelzer, a daughter, Linda Nicole, born November 4, 1998. She joins brother Ryan.

To DIANA HUBERT ABRAMSON-TILLEY '82 and Tom Tilley, a daughter, Rayna Joy, born November 6, 1998. She joins sister Hope, brother Dustin and step-sisters Heather and Samantha.

To Tammy Larson and ROBERT LARSON '96, a son, Breighton Jay, born November 25, 1998. He joins sister Amanda.

To LISA DUNN '84 and Michael Olmstead, a daughter, Nicole Michelle, born December 1, 1998. She joins sister Charlotte.

To JANE COLLIER WERTENBERGER '91 and Jeff Wertenberger, a daughter, Sarah Elizabeth, born December 8, 1998. She joins sister Allison.

To SUSAN ARONSTEIN '80 and Kent Drummond, a son, Taran Arthur, born December 13, 1998. He joins brother Robin.

To SUSAN ANUNSON SHAW '85 and Rob Shaw, a son, Andrew Glen, born December 14, 1998. He joins sister Amber and brothers John and Matthew.

To STEPHANIE SUTTON GILSTROM '92 and Lars Gilstrom, a son, Egon Victor, born December 18, 1998. He joins sister Maya.

To JANA BURGESS-HOBERG '84 and CHESTER HOBERG '86, twins, Stephen Timothy and Stephanie Anne, born December 18, 1998. The twins join sisters Heather and Julianne.

To Lorinda Newton and DOUG NEWTON '86, a son, Nathanael Josiah, born December 29, 1998.

To Lonnie Walter and TIM WALTER '87, a daughter, Erin Elise, born February 7, 1999.

CORRECTION: In the Winter 1999 Response, the son of KRISTINA BOEWE '89 and TODD BOEWE '89 was identified incorrectly. Born June 26, 1998, their son is named John Parker.

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