Joshua James Sharpe

To GWYNETH MYRICK GINTHER '95 and Daniel Ginther, a son, Gabriel Joseph, born February 10, 1997.

To LYNNETTE WAGONER CHRISTENSEN '85 and MARK CHRISTENSEN '85, a daughter, Kira Lynn, born March 14, 1997.

To STEPHANIE SCHERTZER SHARPE '91 and James Sharpe, a son, Joshua James, born March 21, 1997.

To KRIS SIMUNDS '87 and STEVE SIMUNDS '85, a daughter, Adele Joy, born March 30, 1998. She joins brother Erik and sisters Anna and Elise.

To JENNIFER BRIGHT PRICE '90 and Joseph Price, a son, Jensen Kapono, born May 15, 1997. He joins sister Dagny and brother Taggart.

To JENNIFER BOWERS SKILLERN '83 and Sam Skillern, a son, Andrew McLean, born July 2, 1997. He joins brother Samuel.

To JENNIFER "SAM" WILLIAMS HUNTER '95 and Scott Hunter, a son, Sebastian Mitchell, born July 20, 1997.

To JULIANNE KANO WINEGARDNER '90 and SCOTT WINEGARDNER '90, a son, Nicholas Andrew, born July 21, 1997.

To DORI WAGNER ANDERSON '84 and PHIL ANDERSON '83, a daughter, Sarah Emily, born August 29, 1997. She joins brothers Michael, Matthew and Adam; and sister Meghan.

To SKYLER MICHELLE SPENCE PERKINS '92 and David Perkins, a daughter, Michaela Jane, born October 4, 1997. She joins brother Evan.

To JULIE DELAP GUNHUS '91 and KEVIN GUNHUS '88, a son, Payton Michael, born November 28, 1997. He joins brothers Tyler and Cody.

To BARB JOHNSON HALL '80 and STEVE HALL '80, two adopted sons from Russia: Peter, born July 16, 1993, and adopted November 28, 1997; and Toby, born February 14, 1996, and adopted November 28, 1997. They join sister Hannah.

To TINA OLIVER LEAZER '96 and Shane Leazer, a daughter, Karrin Noel, born December 21, 1997.

To LAURIE ANDERSON NELSON '86 and GREG NELSON '87, a son, Tyler James, born December 21, 1997. He joins sister Rebecca.

To TERRI STOKES POST '88 and John Matthew Post, a daughter, Rebekah Rachel, born January 4, 1998. She joins brothers Michael and Jacob.

To S. CHRISTY HOFMANN ASHER '95 and BRIAN ASHER '94, a son, Ethan Joseph, born January 5, 1998.

To DEVONA POLLARD TROUTMAN '80 and Charlie Troutman, a son, Jackson Buckley, born January 7, 1998. He joins sisters Andrea, Abi and MacKenzy.

To TAMI HOLMER CASHDOLLAR '89 and Jim Cashdollar, a daughter, Ellyn Marie, born January 10, 1998. She joins brother Ben.

To BECKY MCRAE GODWIN '91 and SCOTT GODWIN '91, a son, Mitchell Reid, born January 12, 1998. He joins sister Alyssa.

To THERESA TODO CROOKS '84 and Carl Crooks, a daughter, Madelyn Grace, born January 17, 1998.

To SARAH GROW SCHMAHL '92 and Jim Schmahl, a daughter, Emma Ann, born January 20, 1998.

To GINA WAYMAN HOLMEN '95 and Dan Holmen, a son, Tyler Daniel, born February 6, 1998.

To MARY ANNE LOVE ARROYO '85 and Christopher Arroyo, a daughter, Annalise Marie, born February 26, 1998. She joins sister Christina and brother Daniel.

To Sherice Mansfield and JOHN MANSFIELD '90, a daughter, Katherine Raynae, born March 7, 1998. She joins sister Rachel.

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