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Spring 2006 | Volume 29, Number 2 | Footnotes


To KAREN ANUNSON LOWDER ’94 and JEFF LOWDER ’95, a son, Brandon Robert, born December 15, 2004.

To JENNI KRAMER GROCE ’00 and ANDY GROCE ’01, a daughter, Alayna Faith, born February 2, 2005. She joins brother Jonah.

To KRISTINA KENNEDY DAVIS ’99 and Seth Davis, a daughter, Elliott Claire, born February 17, 2005.

To KRISTINA REID MITCHELL ’95 and James Mitchell, a son, Landen James, born May 13, 2005. He joins sisters Kaylee and Makena.

To JAMIE UNDERWOOD LITTLE ’03 and Bryan Little, a daughter, Abigail Grace, born May 14, 2005.

To KIMBERLEE CROCKER BARNES ’95 and MARK BARNES ’94, a son, Grady Campbell, born May 30, 2005. He joins brother Spencer.

To TERESA WESTPHAL PRICHARD ’97 and JAMES PRICHARD ’97, a daughter, Kellen Elizabeth, born June 1, 2005.

To LINDSEY REICHEN GOLDMAN ’98 and Terry Goldman, a son, Grant William, born June 23, 2005.

To BECKY RICE MATTEUCCI ’97 and Steve Matteucci, a son, Vincent James, born June 23, 2005. He joins sister Katy.

To KRISTIN ABBOTT HOVAGUIMIAN ’96 and Serge Hovaguimian, a daughter, Hannah Mary, born August 12, 2005.

To CAMI KNAPP PRATT ’96 and JOSH PRATT ’97, a son, Joel Michael, born August 18, 2005. He joins sister Ellie.

To JUNET JOHNSTON ’01 and Jeromie Johnston, a daughter, Adalyn Kate, born September 1, 2005.

To NICOLE KELLER LEEWARNER ’00 and JOSHUA LEEWARNER ’98, a son, Asher William, born September 21, 2005. He joins sister Annika.

To BETH KICE CUSTARD ’96 and Jay Custard, a son, Charles Phinneas, born September 29, 2005. He joins brother Sam.

To BRIGETTE FREDERICK HENDRIX ’87 and Marc Hendrix, a son, Gabriel Orion, born October 25, 2005.

To Mai Yanase Spooner and AARON SPOONER ’99, a son, Simon Bertram, born November 9, 2005.

To KAREN WESCHLER KENNEDY ’85 and EDWARD KENNEDY ’87, a daughter, Elena Grace, born November 18, 2005. She joins brother Jake.

To Stephanie Lingren and ERIC LINGREN ’86, a son, Matthewson Eric, born December 3, 2005.

To KATHY HALVERSON KINARD ’98 and ROB KINARD ’99, quadruplets, Katarina Grace, Gabriel Joel, Angelina Sue, and Isabella Rebekka, born December 8, 2005.

To JESSICA MITCHELL CAMPBELL ’02 and STEVEN CAMPBELL’03, a daughter, Elliana Noelle, born December 11, 2005.

To JULIE MATZEN CLEVELAND ’97 and RICHARD CLEVELAND ’99, a daughter, Elise Judith, born December 21, 2005.

To Angie Andreu and JOHNNY ANDREU ’94, a daughter, Lucy Eloise, born December 24, 2005.

To KATHARINE MURER NEILL ’02 and Patrick Neill, a son, Jamin Christopher, born January 9, 2006. He joins sister Zoe.

To GRETCHEN WANICHEK TOPPING ’00 and Allen Topping, a daughter, Meghan Grace, born January 17, 2006. She joins brothers Evan and Kaden.

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