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Spring 2003 | Volume 26, Number 2 | Footnotes


To KERRY MADER SIKES ’92 and Kyle Sikes, a daughter, Madison Laurel, born September 12, 2001. She joins sister Makenzie.

To KRISTEN NAYLOR PETERSON ’96 and MARK PETERSON ’00, a son, Andrew Douglas, born January 26, 2002.

To HEIDI HANSEN MILLER ’98 and Justin Miller, a son, Caleb Bryce, born January 30, 2002. He joins brother Josiah.

To Alisha Anunson and PAUL ANUNSON ’90, a daughter, Anya Merete, born March 17, 2002.

To BETHANY GRAHAM-COLBER ’82 and Douglas Colber, a son, Garrett Graham, born March 30, 2002. He joins sister Evelyn.

To Jean Taylor and DOUG TAYLOR ’87, a son, Logan David, born June 10, 2002. He joins sisters Maggie and Fiona.

To JILL TAMAYO DEBOER ’93 and ROGER DEBOER ’87, a son, Jaden Ren, born June 13, 2002. He joins sister Jordan (deceased).

To KARI ANDERSON KEHLE ’87 and John Kehle, a son, John Kanoa, born July 11, 2002. He joins brothers Julian and Bret.

To CHRISSY RICE HAWKINS ’94 and JEREMY HAWKINS ’95, a son, Clayton Muri, born July 31, 2002.

To LORRAINE BALTRA KENDER-DINE ’88 and Tom Kenderdine, a daughter, Olivia Page, born August 20, 2002. She joins sister Jennifer.

To JANELLE JOHNSON WEST ’95 and Kevin West, a daughter, Shae Janelle, born September 22, 2002.

To KRIS DELAMARTER JOHNSON ’93 and Brian Johnson, a daughter, Mayley Ellen, born September 29, 2002. She joins brother Brady and sister Delaney.

To ENID DAHLSTROM MASON ’95 and SHANE MASON ’96, a daughter, Ellery Dalton, born October 5, 2002.

To CINDY RANDLES HAGEN ’92 and Burke Hagen, a daughter, Alexandra Elizabeth, born October 6, 2002.

To BRENDA MASON BOAD ’95 and Carter Boad, a son, Corey Lee, born October 12, 2002. He joins sister Victoria.

To AMY GRANT SCHERRER ’95 and TONY SCHERRER ’94, a son, Leo Anthony IV, born October 13, 2002. He joins sister Madelynn and brother Alden.

To GRETCHEN WANICHEK TOPPING ’00 and Allen Topping, a son, Evan Michael, born November 18, 2002.

To SHELLY THULINE SEHMEL ’90 and Tom Sehmel, twin sons, Jonathan Lee and Benjamin George, born December 10, 2002.

To JENNIFER MASON BELL ’98 and Daniel Bell, a son, Jonathan Hunter, born January 12, 2003.

To Sheryl Yost and PAUL YOST ’87, a son, Jared Edwin, born January 18, 2003. He joins sister Jessica.

To Tracy Wick and STEVE WICK ’86, a daughter, Claire Sylvia, born February 3, 2003. She joins sister Emma.

To JENNIFER HOVICK KEENE ’90 and MICHAEL KEENE ’90, a son, Eric Joseph, born February 17, 2003. He joins brother Ryan.

To Crystal Krachunis and MATT KRACHUNIS ’97, a daughter, Faith Ann-Victory, born March 9, 2003.

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