To HEIDI GREEN MICHAELIS '81 and James Michaelis, a son, Devin James, born February 9, 2001. He joins sisters Kristen and Natalie, and brother Geoffrey.

To DEBRA VAUGHN SMITH '99 and Eric Smith, a daughter, Alexis Lynn, born April 5, 2001.

To JANE STROEBEL GREGG '88 and Glenn Gregg, a daughter, Jodie Leann, born June 29, 2001.

Jodie Leann Gregg

To DEBRA VAN BEEK WILKINS '85 and Bill Wilkins, a son, Caleb John, born July 13, 2001. He joins brothers Jacob and Colin, and sister Erika.

To JULIE AHRNSBRAK BLANCAFLOR '92 and Noel Blancaflor, a daughter, Katherine Faith, born July 19, 2001.

To MARK POWELL '89 and Brigid Powell, a daughter, Anne Marie, born September 28, 2001.

To DAWN MILLER GOULD '84 and DAVID GOULD '85, a daughter, Jennafer Shannon, born September 30, 2001. She joins brothers Daniel and Kevin.

To LAUREL GROVE HOPKINS '95 and KEITH HOPKINS '93, a daughter, Ruth Jeriah Frances, born October 13, 2001. She joins sister Abigail.

To JENNIFER SIDES SKIPPER '97 and MARC SKIPPER '98, a daughter, Jorie Ann, born October 21, 2001.

To ANNE DONOVAN CLARK '92 and DAVID CLARK '91, a son, Donovan James, born October 23, 2001. He joins sister Taylor.

To ERIN STUART ANDREWS '90 and Dave Andrews, a son, Luke Christian, born November 24, 2001.

To NANCY BEST TRANGMOE '90 and Greg Trangmoe, a daughter, Danielle Rose, born December 1, 2001. She joins brother Tommy.

To JULIE BURGESS EASLEY '94 and Chris Easley, a son, Jacob Ryan, born December 20, 2001. He joins brother Benjamin.

To Christine Iijima and STEPHEN IIJIMA '88, a daughter, Grace Emiko, born January 9, 2002.

To JENNIFER BRIDGMAN BLACK '96 and RANDY BLACK '96, a son, Austin Douglas, born February 7, 2002.

To LISA SWEISBERGER FALLON '94 and SHANNON FALLON '94, a son, Colton John, born February 15, 2002. He joins brothers Caden and Carson.

To MATTHEW JOHNSON '91 and Kasey Johnson, a daughter, Lucy Nicole, born February 23, 2002.

To Julia Klausli and MARKUS KLAUSLI '93, a daughter, Anna Elizabeth, born March 1, 2002.

To SHARA MARTIN BENNER '93 and STEVE BENNER '92, a daughter, Alexandra Rose, born March 6, 2002. She joins sister Olivia.

To KAREN FORTNER VANDER VATE '87 and NELSON VANDER VATE '87, a daughter, Natalie Emma, born March 16, 2002.

To CHRISTY HOUSER HANSON '93 and LARRY HANSON '91, a son, Luke Lawrence, born April 17, 2002. He joins sister Elaina.

To AFARIN TEHRANI MORGAN '93 and ERIC MORGAN '93, a daughter, Elaine Marea, born April 23, 2002. She joins sister Amelia.

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