To DEVONNA LEE POLLARD TROUTMAN '80 and Charlie Troutman, a daughter, Hattie Ann, born November 16, 1999. She joins siblings MacKenzy and Jackson.

To JEANNIE AUSTIN WENNDORF '90 and Mike Wenndorf, a son, Benjamin Austin, born May 12, 2000. He joins brother Caleb.

To JANICE CARLSON SWETLAND '88 and Reid Swetland, a daughter, Natalie Diane, born June 2, 2000. She joins brother Luke.

To DEBORAH SEAVER STUTES '88 and Tom Stutes, a son, Jacob Elijah, born July 7, 2000. He joins brothers Isaac, Landon and David; and sister Marci.

To Sherice Mansfield and JOHN MANSFIELD '90, a son, Matthew Jordan, born July 13, 2000. He joins sisters Rachel and Katie.

To KATHY MYRHE RODRIGUEZ '91 and MIKE RODRIGUEZ '92, a son, Zachary Luke, born August 3, 2000. He joins sister Elizabeth.

David Jonathan Abbott

To TARA RUSH ABBOTT '94 and JON ABBOTT '94, a son, David Jonathan, born August 5, 2000. He joins sisters Emily and Elsie, and brother Mitchell.

To JENNIFER EDGBERT READ '93 and Jon Read, a son, Timothy Harrison, born August 14, 2000. He joins sister Abigail.

To GRETCHEN ENGELL ALEXANDER '96 and ED ALEXANDER '96, a son, Nathaniel Frederick, born August 15, 2000.

To LISA MOORE CHILES '93 and MATTHEW CHILES '93, a daughter, Kristine Helen, born August 23, 2000. She joins sister Kathrine.

To WENDY SMEDES BICIUNAS '94 and Neris Biciunas, a daughter, Chelsea Nicole, born September 22, 2000.

To Molly Russell and CHAD RUSSELL '92, a son, Caleb Chalen, born October 2, 2000.

To SARA THOMPSON SUNDQUIST '89 and MARK SUNDQUIST '89, a daughter, Kaitlyn Nicole, born October 11, 2000. She joins brother Jacob.

To LINDIE KIGHT FREED '95 and JOSHUA FREED '95, a daughter, Emilie, born October 24, 2000. She joins brother Caleb.

To KATHY WRIGHT WATSON '94 and ERIC WATSON '94, a son, Tyler James, born November 3, 2000.

To NANCY WHITEHEAD BABER '89 and Thomas Baber, a daughter, Elizabeth Grace, born November 17, 2000. She joins brother Josiah and sister Anna.

To HEATHER SEIDEL ELWELL '97 and Nolan Elwell, a son, Dane Matthew, born November 27, 2000.

To TANYA BUERGER LYON '95 and Darin Lyon, a daughter, Malinda Alice, born November 29, 2000. She joins brother Jacob.

To MONICA NUNAN '87 and Mohsen Pana, a son, Keegan Michael, born December 11, 2000.

To DEBRA BRUCE MILLER '93 and Charles Miller, a son, Travis James, born December 13, 2000.

To STACEY HASTINGS GRAY '95 and Michael Gray, a son, Larsen Michael, born December 17, 2000.

To KARYL MONACO '79, an adopted daughter, Katelyn Rose MiaoQin, born in China on December 28, 1998, and adopted December 28, 2000.

To Alison Hansen and DIRK HANSEN '80, twins, Bronwyn Drew and Callum Bernard, born December 30, 2000.

To ALISON MONTGOMERY SMILEY '89 and JEFF SMILEY '90, a son, Jack Jeffrey, born January 29, 2001. He joins brother Luke and sister Madison.

To Kimberlee Kankel and ROBERT KANKEL '85, a son, Jacob David, born January 25, 2001. He joins siblings Courtney, R.J. and Ryan.

To CHRISTINA HAWORTH LARSEN '90 and CHRISTOPHER LARSEN '90, a son, Micah Milton, born February 6, 2000. He joins brother Jeffrey.

To TRINA LAPINSKI HOPKINS '93 and ALDEN HOPKINS '92, a daughter, Tatum Elizabeth, born February 12, 2001. She joins sister Hannah and brother Ethan.

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