Aidan Jacob Keller

To PAM KNEPPER '90 and GRANT KNEPPER '93, a daughter, Renee Lee, born April 16, 1999.

To TRACI BAKER BIANCHINI '89 and DAVID BIANCHINI '88, a son, Christopher David, born June 15, 1999. He joins sister Katelyn.

To LESLIE RAMSTAD HAMILTON '87 and DALE HAMILTON '87, a daughter, Annalisa Louise, born July 2, 1999. She joins brothers Jonathan and Nicholas.

To REBEKAH HOELDTKE ROEHL '87 and ROBERT ROEHL '94, a son, Joshua Edwin, born December 3, 1999.

To NICOLE PETERS COOPER '95 and WESLEY COOPER '96, a daughter, Katelyn Abigail, born December 27, 1999.

To REBECCA KELLER '97 and CHAD KELLER '95, a son, Aidan Jacob, born January 10, 2000.

To Lynda Belgum and STEPHEN BELGUM '83, a son, Zachary Stephen, born March 11, 2000. He joins brother Mark.

To Debra Hamilton and KEITH HAMILTON '84, a daughter, Megan Elizabeth, born March 14, 2000. She joins brothers Bradley and Christopher.

To MERLIEE BARR FJELSTUL '84 and Jeffrey Fjelstul, a son, Gunnar Bjorn, born March 17, 2000. He joins sister Bailey.

To KIM BRANDT PUTNEY '88 and ROD PUTNEY '89, a son, Jared, born March 21, 2000. He joins sister Claire.

To ANN WALLACE LOFTON '83 and MATTHEW LOFTON '81, a daughter, Paige Aleta Lofton, born March 31, 2000. She joins sister Shelby.

To JAMIE CLAWSON DENHAM '93 and JONATHAN DENHAM '94, a daughter, Jadyn McKenna Grace, born May 6, 2000.

To BETINA ROTHHAUSER FINLEY '89 and Scott Finley, a daughter, Anneliese Kaiulani, born May 9, 2000. She joins sister Kaelan and brother Silas.

To JENNIFER HOVICK KEENE '90 and MICHAEL KEENE '90, a son, Ryan Michael, born May 18, 2000.

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