To NELLIE BACKLAND OHANNES '84 and Elliott Ohannes, a son, John-Samuel, born July 1, 1999, in Russia and adopted July 26, 2001. He joins brother Alexander.

To Patrice McCleod and CHRISTOPHER MCLEOD '91, a son, Connor Patrick, born July 11, 2000. He joins brother Duncan and sister Michaela.

To SUE RISS DALEY '83 and Jeff Daley, a son, Keegan Dale, born July 25, 2000. He joins brothers Ryan and Evan.

To ANGELA WHITE BURI '95 and Blake Buri, a son, Isaiah Gardner, born October 18, 2000.

Isaiah Buri

To AMY WHITNEY CRUM '92 and LARRY CRUM '92, a son, David Lawrence, born October 18, 2000.

To BRANDI RANDALL PIECORA '97 and Dan Piecora Jr., a son, Gabriel Daniel, born November 3, 2000.

To BONNIE NOFTSGER BENSON '89 and ERIC BENSON '87, a son, Noah Scott, born November 9, 2000.

To KIM STONE '91 and JEFF STONE '91, a son, Gabriel Jeffrey, born February 13, 2001. He joins brother Eliot.

To SHARON IVERSON HEDMAN '91 and NICK HEDMAN '94, a daughter, Lucy Kaye, born February 20, 2001. She joins brother Calvin.

To DEBBIE KOSTERS METSKER '88 and Marv Metsker, a son, Daniel Lewis, born March 20, 2001. He joins sister Caroline and brother Benjamin.

To Jodi Overholt and RICH OVERHOLT '89, a daughter, Katie Joy, born March 31, 2001. She joins sister Emma.

To Amy Judy and JEFF JUDY '95, a son, Aidan Michael, born April 16, 2001. He joins brothers Kellan, Brennan and Ethan.

To LORRAINE BABA HAGEN '86 and Brent Hagen, a son, Michael Brent, born April 18, 2001. He joins sister Kaylee and brothers Christopher, Curtis, Daniel and Matthew.

To KRISTINE BUELKE SAVAGE '89 and David Savage, a son, Josiah James, born May 1, 2001. He joins sister Hallie.

To BETH DEVRIES WEBB '95 and JON WEBB '96, a son, Joshua James, born May 4, 2001.

To Mary Anne Van Doornik and DON VAN DOORNIK '87, a son, Mark Andrew, born May 11, 2001.

To LINDA JOHNSON COOPER '89 and KEITH COOPER '88, a son, Keith Owen, born May 24, 2001.

To CAROLYN MASON BROOKS '91 and Derin Brooks, a son, Mason Philip, born May 26, 2001. He joins sister Katie.

To LYNNE NUTLEY HUNTER '78 and Scott Hunter, a son, Zackary Joseph, born May 27, 2001. He joins brothers Michael, Stephen, Christopher and Jeremy.

To GINA WAYMAN HOLMEN '95 and DAN HOLMEN '94, a daughter, Maya Nicole, born June 1, 2001. She joins brother Tyler.

To SONJA NUTLEY WEST '83 and John West Jr., a son, Garrett Hugh, born July 5, 2001. He joins sister Katherine.

To MICHELLE GOLAY ERISMAN '92 and MICHAEL ERISMAN '92, a daughter, Emily Faith, born July 18, 2001.

To Sandy Kvamme and DAVE KVAMME '83, a daughter, Lacey Dee Ann, on August 15, 2001. She joins brother Hayden and sister Bailey.

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