Christine Elizabeth Stephens

Lilia Rae Hargreaves

To LIANA FONG SANDEFUR '80 and BOB SANDEFUR '89, a daughter, Rebecca June Shun Ying, born June 26, 1999, and adopted October 1999. She joins brothers Jesse and Aaron.

To JOLENE BAKER GENSHEIMER '92 and Joseph Gensheimer, a daughter, Jade Alyssa, born September 4, 1999.

To JOY ABBOTT MADOLE '92 and Kent Madole, a son, Nathan Abbott, born September 14, 1999.

To TAMMY GOLDSMITH REPPERT '88 and Brian Reppert, a son, Samuel Gunnar, born October 13, 1999. He joins sister Rachel, and brothers Jacob and Nathaniel.

To CAROLYN (CARRIE) MASON BROOKS '96 and Derin Brooks, a daughter, Kathryn Elizabeth, born October 28, 1999.

To BRITTANY LONG TALBERT '97 and Callin Talbert, a daughter, Alyssa Nicole, born November 16, 1999.

To LESA STEVENSON BJORK '89 and Cliff Bjork, a daughter, Lily Helene, born December 8, 1999. She joins sister Sanna.

To JANELLE SAMMONS KANZ '91 and Mike Kanz, a daughter, Larissa Joy, born December 8, 1999.

To KELLY TAINIO STEPHENS '95 and Rob Stephens, a daughter, Christine Elizabeth, born February 2, 2000.

To HEIDI HANSEN MILLER '98 and Justin Miller, a son, Josiah James, born February 3, 2000.

To JENNIE BLANCHARD HAUSMAN '93 and CRAIG HAUSMAN '92, a son, Nathan Alexander, born February 16, 2000.

To LYNN KRAUS BOBERG '93 and DAN BOBERG '89, a daughter, Natalie Joy, born March 8, 2000.

To GRETCHEN WILEY STEHR '94 and Vaughn Stehr, a daughter, Faith Marie, born March 15, 2000.

To TAMARA BREWER '94 and JEFFREY BREWER '95, a daughter, Erika Colleen, born April 2, 2000.

To AMY DENNIS MACKIE '95 and Brent Mackie, a son, David Seth, born April 4, 2000.

To KIRSTEN ROSE DEKONING '94 and BRENT DEKONING '93, a son, Tyson Michael, born April 9, 2000.

To ADELAIDE PAPPAS NAUGHTON '89 and Kevin Naughton, a daughter, Angela Bess, born April 22, 2000. She joins brother Patrick and sister Rebecca.

To ERIN SMITH ABOUDARA '92 and Casey Aboudara, a son, Nicholas Paul, born April 24, 2000.

To DIANE BLACK HALLBERG '87 and RICK HALLBERG '88, a daughter, Allison Diane, born April 24, 2000. She joins sisters Danica, Alexxa and Madison.

To LINDA LEONARD STEWART '87 and Jeff Stewart, a daughter, Alexandra Mae, born April 24, 2000. She joins sister Julianne.

To LISA EVANS EATON '95 and Chris Eaton, a daughter, Caroline Elizabeth, born April 25, 2000.

To STEFANIE DYER HARGREAVES '93 and Randall Hargreaves, a daughter, Lilia Rae, born April 28, 2000.

To Debbie Rodriguez and RICHARD RODRIGUEZ '97, a son, Marc Christian, born June 2, 2000.

To Debbie Stoppa and ROBERT STOPPA '85, a son, Isaiah Michael, born June 3, 2000. He joins sister Brianna.

To TERRI STOKES POST '88 and Matt Post, a daughter, Naomi Michelle, born June 20, 2000. She joins brothers Mike and Jake, and sister Rebekah.

To BETH KIERULFF ARMSTRONG '93 and JASON ARMSTRONG '94, a son, Zachary Joseph, born July 16, 2000.

To CHIANN-RU LIN HALL '92 and JONATHAN HALL '93, a daughter, Rachael Ann, born July 20, 2000. She joins brother Abraham.

To Crystal Krachunis and MATTHEW KRACHUNIS '97, a son, Gabriel Paul, born July 25, 2000.

To Diana Keuss and JEFFREY KEUSS '87, a daughter, Clara Ruth, born August 25, 2000.

To KATHY THOEN GELZER '84 and Dan Gelzer, a daughter, Rebecca Louise, born September 10, 2000. She joins brother Ryan and sister Linda.

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