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Autumn 2007 | Volume 30, Number 2 | Footnotes


To LORI REAGER THOMPSON ’96 and Cliff Thompson, a son, Lars Clifford, born April 25, 2006. He joins sister Kaysa.

To MICHELLE GREEN BEST ’96 and RYAN BEST ’97, a son, Joshua Ryan, born August 3, 2006. He joins sister Samantha.

To Molly Barrans and RYAN BARRANS ’97, a son, Aidan Andrew, born August 8, 2006.

To Tarah Petersen Smigun ’96 and Geoffrey Smigun, a son, Aleksey Michael, born August 14, 2006.

To Barbara Williams Caley ’94 and James Caley ’89, a daughter, Kylie Ann, born August 29, 2006. She joins brother James.

To SHELLY GIBSON BRINLEE ’92 and Gary Brinlee, a daughter, Lillian Susanna, born October 26, 2006.

To JESSICA ARMENTROUT SLOAN ’00 and TODD SLOAN ’99, a son, Conner Mackinley, born November 12, 2006. He joins brother Noah.

To KARYN KIEMELE GUNDERSON ’98 and GARRETT GUNDERSON ’98, a daughter, Naomi Grace, born November 24, 2006.

To Carolyn Ray Roche ’96 and David Roche, a daughter, Sophia Noelle, born December 24, 2006.

To KARA SHAFFER LUDLOW ’01 and Clint Ludlow, a daughter, Grace Loree, born December 26, 2006. She joins brother Matthew.

To TERRA TAMER MATTSON ’01 and JEFF MATTSON ’99, a daughter, Adonia Grace, born January 20, 2007.

To DIANA SCHOENIGER SKINNER ’00 and Craig Skinner, a daughter, Bailey Joy, born January 20, 2007.

To CARLY MYERS SIMON ’04 and John Simon, a son, William Jensen, born February 1, 2007.

To STACY MULLENS REED ’00 and Andy Reed, a daughter, Evelyn Ruby, born February 2, 2007.

To Christine La Tour and SETH LA TOUR ’00, a daughter, Adeline Kerena, born February 7, 2007. She joins brother Jonas.

To KARISSA SULLIVAN KUNS ’99 and BRIAN KUNS ’99, a daughter, Heidi Ruth, born February 15, 2007. She joins sister Rhiannon.

To ERIN HAGGERTY BARBER ’00 and Justin Barber, a son, Jacoby Brandt, born February 23, 2007.

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Department Highlights

from the president
Going Global
President Philip Eaton asks the Seattle Pacific community to discuss what “global” means for SPU.

APA Accreditation
SPU’s doctoral program in psychology now in an elite group.

Street Vision
Hillary Prag '06 gives homeless teens a voice — through a camera lens and Seattle gallery showing.

books, film, & music
Behind the Faces
Four new films may help moviegoers learn to love and understand their global neighbors.

On the Fast Track
Jessica Pixler received numerous awards as a freshman, including an international gold.

my response
A Banquet of Languages
David Habecker ’93 says knowing multiple languages gave him a new perspective on life — and his faith.

Response art
Forbidden City
Professor Joanna Poznanska and her husband share “Forbidden City,” by a Chinese artist.