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Autumn 2004 | Volume 27, Number 4 | Footnotes


To MARIANNE HAVER HILL 77 and Randy Hill, a daughter, Aria Joy, born January 1, 2002, and adopted in March 2003. She joins brother Austin.

To STACEY JOHNSON MINNER 97 and Jonathan Minner, a son, Caleb Scott, born June 13, 2003.

To LIESL GOERING YOUNG 93 and Daniel Young, a daughter, Grace Elizabeth, born August 5, 2003.

To Angela Hines and PHILIP HINES 00, a son, Caleb Daniel, born November 13, 2003.

To SHARON IVERSON HEDMAN 91 and NICK HEDMAN 94, a daughter, Lydia Ruth, born January 8, 2004. She joins brother Calvin and sister Lucy.

To BRANDI RANDALL PIECORA 97 and Dan Piecora, a son, Gideon James, born February 1, 2004. He joins brother Gabriel.

To CHRISTY WIRTH MANSFIELD 96 and BRYCE MANSFIELD 95, a daughter, Isabella Grace, born February 5, 2004.

To STACEY ROSS LUTHER 98 and RYAN LUTHER 97, a son, Braden John, born February 27, 2004.

To Rachel Snyder and JEFF SNYDER 93, a son, Mark Edward, born March 9, 2004. He joins brothers Jack and Luke.

To KATHY BLAKNEY CISSNA 84 and Rick Cissna, a son, Caleb Joseph Mu-Hao, born May 8, 2003, and adopted March 15, 2004.

To JENNIFER KIRBY CARRELL 86 and DEAN CARRELL 87, a son, Seth Paris, born April 3, 2004. He joins brother Ian.

To SARAH LOW MORRIS 99 and Jeff Morris, a daughter, Emma Jolynn, born April 16, 2004.

To SHANNON LITTY ATHERTON 98 and Eric Atherton, a son, Jake Lewis, born April 17, 2004.

To Christine La Tour and SETH LA TOUR 00, a son, Jonas Jac, born April 21, 2004.

To QUYEN STEVENSON 98 and Byron Stevenson, a son, Mark Joseph, born April 25, 2004.

To CHRISTINE PERRY GAVIN 98 and RYAN GAVIN 98, a daughter, Ainsley Elizabeth, born April 30, 2004.

To KATHARINE MURER NEILL 01 and Patrick Neill, a daughter, Zoe Grace, born May 22, 2004.

To JESSICA ARMENTROUT SLOAN 00 and TODD SLOAN 99, a son, Noah Macaulay, born May 23, 2004.

To JANELLE WEST 95 and Kevin West, a son, Joshua Ryan, born May 29, 2004. He joins sister Shae.

To ANNA SCHAEFER DAHLGREN 00 and JONATHAN DAHLGREN 98, a daughter, Abigail Opal, born June 11, 2004.

To MICHELLE SAMS ALLEN 04 and David Allen, a son, Daniel Roy, born June 23, 2004.

To KELLEY SPENGLER 95 and JEFF SPENGLER 95, a son, Caylem Marc, born June 28, 2004. He joins brother Ryan and sister Kimiko.

To JENNIFER JOHNSON WILLSON 00 and RYAN WILLSON 01, a daughter, Kara Joy, born July 10, 2004. She joins brother Curtis.

To MICHELE REGAN LILJENBERG 94 and ERIK LILJENBERG 94, a son, Joshua Patrick, born July 24, 2004.

To MELINDA CONLEY BERG 98 and KEVIN BERG 97, a daughter, Gabriella Jeanne, born July 25, 2004.

To MICHELLE GREEN BEST 96 and RYAN BEST 97, a daughter, Samantha Leanne, born July 28, 2004.

To HEATHER HOUSER HUNT 96 and Billy Hunt, a daughter, Harper Caroline, born July 28, 2004.

To TERESA WU CHAN 96 and William Chan, a daughter, Kirina Lynn, born August 14, 2004.

To Christine Iijima and STEPHEN IIJIMA 88, a daughter, Sofia Hana, born August 15, 2004. She joins sister Grace.

To Alisha Anunson and PAUL ANUNSON 90, a daughter, Lila Grace, born August 31, 2004. She joins sister Anya.

To Molly Russell and CHAD RUSSELL 92, a son, Aidan Wayne, born September 8, 2004. He joins brother Caleb.

To AFARIN TEHRANI MORGAN 93 and ERIC MORGAN 93, a son, Cole Chapman, born September 13, 2004. He joins sisters Amelia and Elaine.

To Katie Adjibly and PATRICE ADJIBLY 00, a son, Cade Sokro, born September 18, 2004. He joins sister Elodie and brother Reed.

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