Samuel Marshal Lovrak

To CINDY ARMSTRONG CONVERSE '96 and Orrin Converse, a daughter, Chloe Sianna, born April 22, 1997.

To KATIE BRYAN '95 and CURTIS BRYAN '92, a daughter, Alyssa Noelle, born August 11, 1997. She joins brother Logan.

To CHRISTY KONSMO LOVRAK '95 and ERIC LOVRAK '95, a son, Samuel Marshal, born September 13, 1997.

To LEIGH STEHR TUCKER '94 and KEVIN TUCKER '94, a daughter, Morgan Lydia, born September 28, 1997. She joins brother Joshua.

To TAMMI PALMER ROBERTEILLO '92 and Dominic Robertiello, a son, Austin Jeffrey Charles, born October 30, 1997. He joins half-brother Dominic Jr.

To NANCE DEMMER SOMMERFIELD '83 and David Sommerfield, a son, Alexander David, born November 6, 1997.

To HEIDI GREEN MMICHAELIS '81 and Jim Michaelis, twins, Natalie Ruth and Geoffrey Sean, born January 12, 1998. They join sister Kristen.

To LESA STEVENSON BJORK '89 and Cliff Bjork, a daughter, Sanna Ann, born January 31, 1998.

To TANA DOTY CHAMPEAU '86 and Kevin Champeau, a daughter, Mikaela Lynette, born February 13, 1998. She joins sisters Jessica and Jenell.

To DEBRA LOGAN LUKENS '91 and CRAIG LUKENS '91, a daughter, Emma Danielle, born February 15, 1998.

To GERRY BOSCHMA KELLY '83 and BRUCE KELLY '91, a daughter, Markelle Joy, born February 28, 1998.

To CHRISSIE AUSTIN DRAPE '89 and Chris Drape, a son, Matthew Christopher, born March 23, 1998. He joins brother Andrew.

To DEBRA FOLDEN KONTREK '90 and Philippe Kontrec, a son, Shawn Pierre, born March 24, 1998.

To DEBORAH PERSON DOWNS '83 and Craig Downs, a daughter, Florence Deborah, born March 25, 1998. She joins brothers Nathanael, Spencer and Riley, and sister Joelle.

To AMY GORDER COSGROVE '89 and Rod Cosgrove, a daughter, Audrey Lynn, born April 7, 1998. She joins sisters Lauren and Brielle.

To LISA KLEIN SURDYK '87 and Tim Surdyk, a son, Charles Randal, born April 10, 1998. He joins brother Kenneth.

To BETINA ROTHAUSER FINLEY '89 and Scott Finley, a son, Silas Holden, born April 30, 1998. He joins sister Kaelan.

To SHELLY TIMM CASALE '87 and PAUL CASALE '86, a son, Jonah Paul Franklin, born May 11, 1998.

To SANDY STEVEN RUE '81 and TIM RUE '81, a daughter, Mercy Faith, born May 24, 1998. She joins brothers Chadwick, Bryant, Harason and Talbot, and sisters Brittany and Charity.

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