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Summer 2002 | Volume 25, Number 3 | Footnotes


To JULI EILERS BALDWIN '85 and Keith Baldwin, a son, John William, born November 3, 2000.

To ROXANN AALDERINK SCHMIT '85 and Steve Schmit, a son, Darryck Kyler, born April 6, 2001. He joins sister Jessika and brothers Gerritt (deceased) and Rian.

To JENNIFER KIRBY CAR-RELL '86 and DEAN CARRELL '87, a son, Ian Svanes, born June 16, 2001.

To ELIZABETH NEWKIRK FRANZ '84 and John Franz, a daughter, Katherine Elizabeth, born June 26, 2001.

To JANE STROEBEL GREGG '88 and Glenn Gregg, a daughter, Jodie Leann, born and adopted on June 29, 2001.

To CHRISTIE SCHMOKER FLICKINGER '97 and Galen Flickinger, a son, Andrew James, born November 4, 2001.

To ELIZABETH SEXAUER FALLIN '86 and STEPHEN FALLIN '90, a son, Patrick James, born November 15, 2001. He joins brother Brendan.

To KELLY TAINIO STEPHENS '95 and Rob Stephens, a daughter, Natalie Ann, born December 17, 2001. She joins sister Christine.

To BARBARA NORDLUND TAKATA '87 and JIM TAKATA '87, twin daughters, Casey Nicole and Marisa Faith, born December 26, 2001. They join brother Connor and sister Madeline.

To TUVETTE WEBB MCCROSKEY '88 and KEVIN MCCROSKEY '87, a daughter, Lydia Rose, born January 17, 2002. She joins brother Isaac.

To CHRIS HILL '95 and KATHLEEN BROWN HILL '96, a son, Cameron Robert, born March 19, 2002. He joins brother Caleb.

To LISA KLEIN SURDYK '87 and TIM SURDYK '98, a son, William George, born April 2, 2002. He joins brothers Kenny and Charlie.

To LARA KELLER OLSEN '95 and Trevor Olsen, a son, Spencer Robert, born April 6, 2002.

To SUMMER SPRINGER WILSON '99 and James Wilson, a son, Jacob Taylor, born April 7, 2002.

To AMY ELLING WRISTON '95 and Jeremy Wriston, a daughter, Haley Ann, born April 16, 2002.

To KIMBERLY FINCH CRISPENO '91 and CARMEN "C.C." CRISPENO '91, a son, Colby Gian, born April 25, 2002. He joins sister Kelsey and brother Cameron.

To ANDREA HORVATH GROENINK '96 and JASON GROENINK '96, a daughter, Ilona Christine, born May 5, 2002.

To KATHRYN EILERS BAAK '89 and John Baak, a daughter, Rosalie Michelle, born May 13, 2002. She joins brothers Christopher and Daniel, and sister Liesanne.

To TAMI ANDERSON-ENGLEHORN '93 and JEFF ENGLEHORN '89, a son, Henri Anderson, born May 16, 2002.

To JOY NEWTON CRANE '93 and Rick Crane, a son, Trevor Jack, born May 18, 2002. He joins brother Alex.

To TERRI STOKES POST '88 and Matt Post, a daughter, Sarah Susannah, born May 21, 2002. She joins brothers Michael and Jacob, and sisters Rebekah and Naomi.

To AMY DENNIS MACKIE '95 and Brent Mackie, a son, Josiah Richard, born May 22, 2002. He joins brother David.

To Jean Taylor and DOUG TAYLOR '87, a son, Logan David, born June 10, 2002. He joins sisters Maggie and Fiona.

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