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Autumn 2003 | Volume 26, Number 4 | Footnotes


To CARLA MURRAY BULL ’99 and Aaron Bull, a son, Daniel Aaron, born July 17, 2002.

To GWYNETH MYRICK GINTHER ’95 and Dan Ginther, a son, Gregory Patrick, born August 10, 2002. He joins brother Gabriel.

To Elizabeth Sale and PAUL SALE ’98, a daughter, Isabella Kaylynn, born December 5, 2002.

To LISA KOLBERG ’86 and Kerri McGibbon, a daughter, Mollie, born January 4, 2003. She joins brother Kellen.

To Jeannine Dougherty and BILL DOUGHERTY ’89, a daughter, Ellen Ethier, born January 19, 2003.

To JANANNE NEWLAND MEYER ’94 and Bill Meyer, a daughter, Savannah Rose, born March 16, 2003.

To CHERYL FOX SMITH ’97 and Brad Smith, a daughter, Margaret Mae, born March 28, 2003. She joins sister Lydia.

To WENDALYN NICHOLS ’84 and Emanuel Barron, a daughter, Veronica Grace Nichols, born April 9, 2003.

To ANNETTE FROULA RENDAHL ’93 and Tim Rendahl, a daughter, Lauren Elizabeth, born April 12, 2003.

To SARAH BEAN BRADY ’93 and JEFF BRADY ’95, a daughter, Lauren Katherine, born April 17, 2003. She joins brother Ryan.

To GINNYRAE HUGHES JOY ’93 and RYAN JOY ’94, a son, Cody Ryan, born April 17, 2003. He joins sister Kennedy.

To JENNIFER DAMM BEST ’94 and ERIC BEST ’95, a son, Sawyer Daniel, born April 21, 2003.

To DAWN POTTER REYNOLDS ’97 and AARON REYNOLDS ’99, a son, Josiah Benjamin, born May 2, 2003.

To KIM TABELL HAYWARD ’92 and JONATHAN HAYWARD ’92, a son, Nathanael Richard, born May 9, 2003. He joins sisters Elaina and Kayleah.

To BARBARA DEAN GROFFMAN ’87 and Marcus Groffman, a daughter, Alice Colleen, born May 18, 2003.

To DEBRA FOLDEN KONTREC ’90 and Philippe Kontrec, a son, Jason Gaylor, born June 20, 2003. He joins brother Shawn and sister Jessica.

To ANNA LEE GRASS ’98 and PAUL GRASS ’98, a son, Caleb Lee, born June 28, 2003.

To Jennifer Floyd and ANDREW FLOYD ’99, a daughter, Dalynn Mai, born July 2, 2003.

To Sue Ling Gandee and JASON GANDEE ’92, a son, Isaac Salim, born July 14, 2003.

To BARBARA WILLIAMS CALEY ’94 and JIM CALEY ’89, a son, James Liam, born July 21, 2003.

To SUSAN NELSON THORNTON ’91 and Larry Thornton, a son, Sean Cameron, born July 29, 2003. He joins sister Victoria.

To Gail Wall and JEFF WALL ’88, a daughter, Rachel Leann, born August 21, 2003.

To KIMBERLEE CROCKER BARNES ’95 and MARK BARNES ’94, a son, Spencer Thomas, born August 30, 2003.

To JoAnna Crawford and JOHN CRAWFORD ’99, a daughter, Madeline Helena, born September 3, 2003.

To CHRISTIE SCHMOKER FLICKINGER ’97 and Galen Flickinger, a daughter, Hailey Joanna, born September 12, 2003. She joins brother Andrew.

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