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A.C.E. Lab Ongoing Research Studies

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PACE: The Positive Affect and College Events Study examines the relationships between positive and negative events, trait and state affectivity, and cognitive responses as they predict depressive and somatic symptoms among college students.  During the 2nd wave of data collection, PACE will also be examining the impacts of exercise on depressive symptoms, and predictors of nonsuicidal self-injury.  Participants respond to a series of questionnaires. 

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SNAP StudyThe SNAP Study (Situational Negative Affect and Physiology) examines how individuals cope with stress emotionally, physiologically, and cognitively and how individual differences in stress coping may be related to individual differences in temperament, rumination, and depressive symptoms. SNAP examines these processes in older adolescents (18–19 year olds), and SNAP-4-Kids examines these processes in young adolescents (10–13 year olds). Both SNAP and SNAP-4-Kids include a series of questionnaires and a visit to our lab at Seattle Pacific University to complete computer tasks.


SNAP-4-Kids is supported by a National Institute of Mental Health grant, #1R15MH09829401A1, titled “Physiological & Cognitive Pathways from Temperament to Adolescent Depression,” extending to 2016.

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Women Rock Study

Women ROCK is a depression-preventive intervention program for first-year females at SPU. Young women participate in an eight-week manualized stress and emotion regulation program teaching such skills as breathing techniques, mindfulness, and progressive muscle relaxation. Women report on stress, emotion regulation, and depressive symptoms across the first year of college.

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A.C.E. Lab Affiliated Research Studies

Dr. Mezulis collaborates closely with Dr. Janet Hyde on the Wisconsin Study of Families and Work. WSFW is a longitudinal study following youth from birth to adulthood. Read more about WSFW.

A.C.E. Lab Prior Research Studies

The Stress and Coping Study was conducted during the 2008–10 school years. The purpose was to examine how negative cognitive style, rumination, co-rumination, and affect interact with stress to predict depressive symptoms. We also examined how these vulnerabilities are related to one another, how boys and girls differ in their mean levels of vulnerabilities and stress, and how boys and girls differ in the predictive relationships between vulnerabilities and stress and depression in adolescence. We used a weekly diary format to identify patterns among these variables over time.

Youth PREVAIL is a short-term prospective study examining stress, cognitive vulnerabilities, and depressive symptoms among LGBQ adolescents. To learn more, contact Jordan Simonson at


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