Political Science and Geography Department

Political Science & Geography Department


Our Mission

SPU’s political science program equips students to become leaders and citizens who influence politics and public policy informed by Christian faith and tradition.

Study of political science is especially useful for careers in law, public administration, government service, international affairs, journalism, teaching, and several fields of business. Dual majors or complementary minors are encouraged. A variety of internships are also available to students with interest in public service, international or legal careers.

A Note on the Merger

As the newest member of the School of Business, Government, and Economics, the Department of Political Science and Geography is committed to exploring the connections between government and business, both domestically and internationally. We believe businesses need to be sensitive to their political environments, both at home and abroad, if they are to thrive. Moreover, justice quite obviously has economic overtones. Faithful stewardship in the pursuit of justice, then, requires that business and government understand their mutual obligations and interconnection.

Aligning with the School of Business, Government, and Economics allows us to explore the possibility of not only creating new majors (such as government and public service) but of creating new vistas on economics and business, as well. For example, students interested in exploring business and economic opportunities in different parts of the world will most certainly find their knowledge enlarged by pursuing coursework in the Department of Political Science and Geography.

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