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The Racial & Ethnic Diversity Initiative at SPU

OAA Staff Retreat

October 14, 2003

What is the Racial and Ethnic Diversity Initiative?
Mission driven call to attend to the issues of racial and ethnic diversity by:

  1. Recruiting and retaining racial and ethnic minority students
  2. Recruiting and retaining racial and ethnic minority faculty and staff
  3. Creating a hospitable campus climate
  4. Infusing diversity concerns in programs and curriculum as appropriate
  5. Building partnerships in the community
  6. Fund raising to support the initiatives

Why is it?

  • President Eaton clearly stated that we cannot legitimately engage the culture without attending to the concerns of racial reconciliation
  • We believe it is a theological mandate

Racial/Ethnic Diversity InitiativeInitiative as Theological Mandate

  1. Image of God and Creation
    1. Trinity – a dance of the three-in-one
    2. Equality and complimentarity – gender and race
      1. Genesis 1
      2. Galatians 3:28
  2. The Fall
    1. From relational to individualism
    2. Individual and structural
    3. From equality and complimentarity to inequality and “against ness”
    4. From partners to subservience
    5. From love to fear (I Jn)
  3. Salvation (wholeness and restoration in Christ)
    1. The Great Reversal
    2. Renewal of image of God – equality and complimentarity
    3. Healing of individual and structural sin
      1. Issues are personal and social; individual and systematic
    4. Preference for poor and disadvantaged – justice
    5. Eschatology – a view to the end of time
  4. Theology of Education for Racial reconciliation
    1. Intentional teaching of theological anthropology – equality and complimentarity
    2. Ministry of reconciliation – 2 Cor 5: 16-21
    3. Ministry of hospitality – Samaritan, Illich, P. Palmer
    4. Contrast Community
    5. Concern for poor and disadvantaged in Scripture
    6. Practical Educational Implications
      1. Curriculum
      2. Instruction
      3. Co-curricular
      4. Faculty/Staff
      5. Assist students to:
        1. Reflect theologically on vocation in the light of racial concerns
        2. Develop skills of discernment related to racism
        3. Understand importance of dialogue and engagement – stay at the table

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