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Institution-Wide Assessment Data

We use many institution-wide standardized assessment measures which help us understand who we are as a campus community.  If you would more information about any of these data sets, please contact Megan Swanson ( in the Office of Academic Affairs.

Data on Students

Cooperative Institutional Research Project (CIRP)

CIRP is administered to all University Seminar students on their first day of classes at SPU.  It provides us with a good snapshot of our freshman when the arrive on campus and allows us to compare our students to other institutions around the country. This survey covers such topics as political idology, study habits in high school, career aspirations.

This survey is administered yearly in September.

College Student Survey (CSS)

CSS, the follow up survey to CIRP, is administered to seniors as they prepare to graduate.  This allows us to compare what students were like when they entered and see how they have changed while at SPU.  Like the CIRP survey, it covers political idology, study habits, and career aspirations.

CSS is administered yearly in Winter and Spring quarters.

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

NSSE, administered to Sophomores and Seniors, provides a picture of student engagement by looking at how students participate in the learning process.  This survey covers study habits, interactions with faculty, and overall feelings about their education.

This survey is administered every four years.  (last administration: Winter 2003; next administration: Winter 2007)

Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE)

Designed to mirror NSSE, FSSE asks faculty to rate student engagement on the same questions as the students.  This allows for comparrisons between student and faculty preceptions of the student body.

This survey is administered every four years (last administration: Winter 2004; next administration: Winter 2007)

Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA)

Conducted by the RAND Corporation and the Council for Aid to Education, this survey looks at the value added, by a specific institution, to the learning of the students.  It is given to freshman and seniors.

This survey is administered every four years (last administration: Fall & Spring, 2004-05; next administration: Fall & Spring, 2008-2009)

Data on Faculty

HERI Faculty Survey

Conducted about of the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at UCLA, this survey looks at the lived experience of full-time, undergraduate, teaching faculty. 

This survey is administered every four years (last administration: Fall 2004; next administration: Fall 2008)