Request for Position Classification / Salary Review - Link to form

The purpose of the classification / salary review is to determine if a new or revised position is exempt from overtime pay requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act (exempt status) and to determine range placement in the Staff Compensation System. Revised positions are defined as:

    1. positions with increased or changed responsibilities (defined in the job description);
    2. positions with increased or reduced FTE

New or revised staff positions must be reviewed/classified by the Office of Human Resources so that external benchmark, salary range and salary determinations can be made. When available, salary information from external benchmarks determines the range placement in the University's staff compensation system.

Classification reviews are not required for straight replacements.

Required Signatures for Classification Reviews

Request for classification/salary review

Dept. Head/Dean and VP

In order to initiate a position classification/salary review, the Department head/Dean must submit a Position Revision Proposal Form to HR along with the following:

  • Printed copy of the original job description (if revising a current or open position) and the revised/new job description with ADA Checklist, to the Office of Human Resources. Please complete the job description.
    • The revised/new job description must include the percentage of time spent on each essential job duty and it must also be reviewed with the employee, the acknowledgment section signed and dated, before forwarding it to HR.
  • An electronic copy (Word file) of the job description must also be emailed to HR.

The results of the review will be communicated via a written review and recommendation with implementation instructions usually within two weeks of the receipt of the request in Human Resources.