Questions about vesting - SPU 401(a) Pension Plan
What is the vested percentage of my account?

Your vested percentage is the portion of your Accounts that you own. It is nonforfeitable. You are always 100% vested in your Rollover Account. You become 100% vested in your Retirement Account if you are employed by the University upon the first to occur of:

  • your completion of six Years of Service,
  • your attainment of Normal Retirement Age,
  • your death, or
  • your Disability.

Prior to the time that you become 100% vested in your Retirement Account, your vested percentage in that Account is based on your Years of Service and is determined under the following schedule:

Years of Service
Vested Percentage
Less than 2
2 but less than 3
3 but less than 4


4 but less than 5
5 but less than 6
6 or more
What happens to the portion of my account that is not vested?

If you terminate employment before you are 100% vested in your Retirement Account, the nonvested portion of that Account will be forfeited on the earlier of:

  • the date you receive the entire vested portion of your Account (or on the date on which your employment terminates, if you are 0% vested), or
  • the last day of the Plan Year in which you incur your fifth consecutive One Year Break in Service.

Forfeitures of Retirement Contributions are used by the University to reduce its next required Retirement Contribution under the Plan.