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All documents initiating expenditure of University resources must be approved according to the following schedule:

Signature Authority Thresholds

$100,000+ with board approval of annual operating budget, capital expenditures over $250,000, and specific approval of construction contracts over $500,000
VP of Business & Planning Up to $100,000 for institutional contracts and capital projects
Other VPs Up to $50,000
Deans and Directors Up to $20,000
Others Up to $2,000, if preauthorized by one of the above individuals, the evidence of which is on file in the payments department.

Note: These thresholds apply to transactions that follow prescribed procedures (i.e., Purchases over $2,000 without a purchase order require additional VP approval).

The signature thresholds have been set to match the assignment of budget responsibility and authority. These thresholds should support the ability of the deans and directors to utilize the resources allocated in the budget planning process in carrying out their departmental goals and objectives. They also allow deans and directors to assign budget responsibility to others for routine operational needs. While the thresholds allow operational freedom, they do require larger non-routine (over $20,000) items to have secondary approval. The majority of the items in this range tend to be capital acquisitions and large service agreements.

Exceptions are made for deans and directors whose operational responsibility requires routine large expenditures. They are as follows:

The executive director of Computer and Information Systems may sign for the full amount for all telecommunications services once an overall contract has been approved:

  • Cellular Telephone Services
  • Telecommunication Services
  • Long Distance Services
  • Paging Services

The director of Facility Management may sign for the full amount for all utilities once an overall contract is approved or the rate is negotiated:

  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • Garbage
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Hazardous Waste

The director of Human Resources may sign for the full amount for all benefits once an overall contract has been approved:

  • Retirement Plan Payments
  • Life Insurance Payments
  • Disability Insurance Payments
  • Medical Insurance Payments
  • Dental Insurance Payments

The director of University Services may sign for the full amount for all Sodexo and AT&T Broadband cable invoices once an overall contract has been approved.

The associate director of project design (Facilities) may sign for the full amount of all IKON and Kinkos invoices once an overall contract has been approved.

The above payments are typically routine and contractual in nature (approval is secured prior to activating service) and therefore do not require a purchase order or VP override.



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