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Major in Communication

Communication and Journalism

William Purcell, PhD
Marston Hall

The Department of Communication and Journalism investigates communication as a social and intellectual process, views communication as a shaper of history, examines speech as an art form and a tool, and studies journalism as responsible human behavior.

Courses are offered to all students seeking understanding, ethical frameworks, and skills to manage their conduct as communicators in mediated and unmediated forms. Those who major in communication explore theory, history, and application of human communication from ancient times to the present, and learn the values of research into the frameworks within which humans attempt to deal with personal, religious, social and political concerns.

Those who specialize in communication or journalism explore the impact of communication and communications on society, and develop ethical and theoretical understandings and skills for managing ideas and relationships.

The Department of Communication and Journalism offers a major in either of two tracks:

  • Communication Studies
  • Journalism

The Department also offers two minors*:

  • Communication
  • Journalism

*Students majoring in Communication and Journalism may not pursue a minor within the department.

Admission to the Major
Applicants for a major in Communication must display a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher (4.0=A) in all college work applicable to the degree or 3.0 in the 45 credits immediately preceding application to the major.
Application for the Major and Minor (PDF Document)  

Foreign Language Requirement
All students who complete the major in Communication must display proficiency in a foreign language.

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