The Student Senate is to be a body of well-informed students who represent their fellow peers, find innovative solutions to student concerns, and facilitate interaction between the students and the administration, faculty, and staff.

Executive Vice President

Jake Caouette

Senators at Large

Anne Mueller

Carson Kroontje

Campus Housing and Apartments Senators

Sierra Williams

Josh McBrayer

Commuter Senators

Joslyn Smith

Everan Chaffee

Kathryn Owen

Residence Hall Senators

Ashton Hall

Danny Parr

Emerson Hall

Kendrick Oppenhuizen

Hill Hall

Kyra Osterbaan

Moyer Hall

Alec Swihart

Academic Senators

School of Business And Economics

Alicia McNeil

School of Education

Jessica Trace

School of Health Sciences

Kaitlyn Brown

School of Psychology,
Family & Community

Taylor Cline

School of Theology

Laura Nile

College of Arts and Sciences: Science and Engineering

Ellerie Chen

College of Arts and Sciences: Social and Behavioral Sciences

Jared Schneider

College of Arts and Sciences: Humanities

Melissa Castle

College of Arts and Sciences: Fine Arts

Connor King

Members of CAB

Chief Justice

Reed Hawkins