ASSP Elections

Welcome to 2013 ASSP Elections. Here we have some information from the candidates themselves!

Vice President of Campus Activities: Kelsey Tuohy

Why am I running for VPCA?
This last year I have experienced on-campus leadership and I have absolutely loved every minute of it. It has allowed me to be involved in creating opportunities for students to build community, showcase their talents, and expand their interests. The position of VPCA is privileged to do this on a large scale by overseeing the Outdoor Recreation Program, STUB, and clubs. Each of these organizations offers something unique that helps shape the SPU experience into something that is both fun and helpful in developing student interests. They give students the chance to explore and experience their Northwest backyard; they cultivate the wide range of passions that exist in our student body; and they make SPU into what it is. Over the past two years, these organizations have helped me to make the most of my SPU experience, making this school and city feel more like my home. That is why I am drawn to the role of VPCA; I want to help shape the experiences and optimize opportunities for you, so that you can make the most out of your college experience.

What skills and talents do I bring to the Position?
The Vice President of Campus Activities is a member and an overseer of several teams and I believe that I have some experiences and skill sets that would serve me well within this position. One of these skills would be my gift of leadership and administration. Through ASB in high school, Ashton Hall Council, and other leadership experiences, I have discovered that this strength means being able to see the overall picture and organizing people to achieve it. It also means not necessarily having the wide range of artistic or technical talents, but it does mean having the ability to support and enable those who do have those gifts, helping them to reach their full potential. Another aspect of myself that I bring to the table is my work ethic. I have discovered that there are few things that cannot be accomplished with my drive and determination. Finally, as mentioned before, the VPCA works with several different teams. Working with a team is a dynamic I excel in because I get so much energy from people. From participating in a wide range of teams, I have learned what my role is within a group of people. I am there to empower, to approach situations analytically, and to help keep peace and reconcile the various personalities and ideas present in a team.

What are my goals for the next year?