ASSP Elections

Welcome to 2013 ASSP Elections. Here we have some information from the candidates themselves!

Issue Election: Treasurer to VP of Finance

From the Author:

Currently we elect a Vice President of Finance who then hires a treasurer. However, the two positions are completely different in what they do. They go hand in hand but we currently have a disconnect because the VP of Finance does not have to have a full background in the work that the treasurer does but is still looked to for questions and help when the treasurer is not available. Having the Vice President of Finance, serve as the treasurer first, gives them the ability to learn the underlying fundamentals of the business and financial side to the ASSP Organization, before being in charge of it.

In addition to this, our organization oversees a very large budget and the year to year transition of funds that we believe will be better handled and managed with someone who is continuous with this process. The biggest turnover in our organization is student leaders and with that it is difficult to maintain consistency from year to year and be able to advocate and support every piece of our organization financially.

One of the biggest controversies that came out of Senate and we are currently facing is that a student won’t commit to two years serving in ASSP. But this change not only will be good for the organization, but will also open up one position strictly to potential Sophomores and Juniors unlike any of the other elected positions that are only for upper classmen. Therefore, we do not believe that finding someone for a two year commitment will be as difficult as some believe it will be. With this, we would be creating a connect with underclassmen in this leadership position that we currently don’t have and would be producing a year of training and understanding before stepping into the position of fully overseeing the finance and business world of ASSP.

When discussing this change with employees of the University, they are in great support of it because of the budget size and the responsibility that exists in these two positions. Between overseeing variance sheets, budgets, Allocation Board, Finance Board, Student Budget Committee, reimbursement forms, re-class forms, budget transfers, expense advances, conference funds, p-card statements, request for payments, timesheets, W-9 forms, Volunteer Service Agreements, petty cash agreements, performance agreements, contracts, the Rollover Contingency Fund, and then stepping into the relational field of working with ministries, 50+ clubs, Catalyst, Senators, STUB, Outdoor Recreation Program (ORP), and ASSP Core members there has to be continuity in serving our students at SPU.

We fully believe and support this change because it will better serve the students and their money. Seeing that we both sit in these roles currently, we would not put forth a significant change such as this one if we did not believe this was absolutely necessary for the continuous success of the entire ASSP Organization.

From the Opposition
A change is certainly needed in the financial structure of the ASSP organization, but this amendment is not the right solution. A two-year commitment would bind students for almost twenty six months, from the time of election as Treasurer to the end of the commitment as VP of Finance. Only freshmen and sophomores at the time of election would be able to run for this two-year position. In our undergraduate years, particularly the first few, twenty six months can feel like a lifetime. Even over the course of one quarter, many will change their major, find their passions, their hopes evolving and developing. For many students, the plans we create at the beginning of our undergraduate experience are vastly different from the place we end up. And this is a very good thing. College is a time to explore different fields, different majors, to allow ourselves to be unexpectedly shaped by those around us.

There are many leadership positions at SPU that require a commitment of one year. These experiences (Hall council, ministry coordinators, PA, RHMC, VP of Campus Activities, etc.) ask for a significant time commitment--a whole year of one's college experience. But at the end of that year allow students are able to reevaluate their passions and goals, their hopes for the next year. For many students, plans change, often in unanticipated ways. Some may continue on in a similar kind of leadership role the next year, while others will head in different directions. We must allow students the opportunity to try new things.

This two-year solution allows no room for changes in students' passions, and furthermore, it does not allow for a check from the student body by election after one year. If a student is elected to Treasurer and performs poorly, they will still transition into the VP of Finance position for the next year.

Changes are needed in the way finance leadership works within ASSP. But this two-year commitment is not the right solution for students seeking to serve in leadership, nor for those being served.

Thank you for your consideration of these points, and please consider voting "no" on this amendment.