ASSP Elections

Welcome to 2013 ASSP Elections. Here we have some information from the candidates themselves!

ASSP Vice President of Ministries: Scott Jackson

Why I am Campaigning:
I love SPU ministries. In my three years so far at SPU, the ministries have helped me renew my faith, grow as a leader, see God in new ways, and meet awesome people! Our ministries are at the heart of our community as we worship, disciple and serve together. Our ministries can bring rhythm, unity and growth to the whole campus and advance the University’s mission.

I believe in the holistic vision of SPU ministries. Holistic ministry breaks down walls as we, in unity, minister to whole people and communities. Ministry is not just for a limited group of student leaders. The eight campus ministries work together to serve and equip all students. We build bridges with people of all beliefs and doubts. We strive to connect people on and off campus.  We try to transcend gender roles and boundaries by empowering women and men. We confront racial and ethnic divisions. We burst the bubble of SPU. We look to God as a community, diverse but unified, drawn together as his children.

I would love the opportunity to join in the work of carrying out this vision at SPU. Holistic ministry was first articulated in SPU ministries several years ago, and I will continue the work of my predecessors in pursuing this vision. Christ calls us to love God and love people, with mind, body, strength and soul. Holistic ministry is an effort to live out this call by God’s grace. As VPM, I will humbly seek to join this ministry, support our ministry leaders, partner with individuals and groups on campus and in the community, and confront walls and structures that stand in the way of us living out our calling.
The VPM is a connector both of people and ideas. As VPM, I will support the nine ministry coordinators, work with the three ministry advisors, represent students to the ministries, represent ministries to the students, connect the work of the ministries to the mission of the university and collaborate with students, staff, faculty and administration. I believe that my gifting, skills and experience have prepared me well for this role.

Freshman year I volunteered weekly with Urban Involvement (UI) and participated in many ministries. Last year I was the Urban Plunge Coordinator leading 30 students and partnering with social service providers in Seattle. Currently I serve as Urban Involvement’s Education and Advocacy Coordinator, a position that I helped to create. I connect UI’s work in the city back to campus, plan educational forums and mentor UI team leaders. I also started the Urban Involvement Prayer Network and am planning on starting an advocacy group spring quarter. Additionally, I have been working toward integrating our ministries and campus through creation of an interactive platform.

I am a Global Development Studies major pursuing a Global and Urban Ministry minor, and a UScholar. My studies have opened my eyes to many diverse cultural, theological, and academic perspectives. I also volunteer at Union Gospel Mission’s (UGM) Men’s Shelter building relationships with men of diverse backgrounds.

I am effectively able to articulate ideas both verbally and through writing. I am well organized and maintain a balance between academics, work, service, social life and rest. I also have event planning experience highlighted by my coordination of last year’s Relay For Life at SPU. Throughout high school and college I have been involved in and grown through leadership.

I have lived on and off campus and as an upperclassman have still been able to form relationships with freshmen and sophomores. Participating in ministries has connected me to many different people. I also helped start “Frisbee Fridays” last year which draws a varied group of 40 or so students weekly. I know professors from many different departments and have worked with a number of different staff. I love meeting new people.

Vision and Goals:
My goals fall under the holistic vision of ministry which I think can bring the campus rhythm, unity and growth.

Rhythm –Holistic ministry creates a rhythm of life where we can slow down, steadfastly wait and move, see our whole life as sacred and join God in the present moment.

As VPM I will encourage our ministry leaders to rest and consider how they might create spaces for people who are worn down and burdened to rest. In partnership with coordinators and staff, I will seek to foster an organizational culture within the ministries that provides support, relieves pressure and promotes balance.

We will get nowhere if we rely on our vision and our work. As VPM, I will encourage all of the ministries to incorporate prayer into their service. As we listen and are directed by God, we join in his work.
Unity – Holistic ministry creates profound unity where students, staff, faculty, administration and the community come together.

I will bring into conversation what stands in the way of holistic ministry. I see a divide between those on and off campus and a lack of men participating in ministries especially service ministries. Unfortunately, the ministries can be a relatively small, insulated group of students. Also, the ministry structure itself is difficult to make sense of and now is the right time to look afresh at how we are organized.

Holistic ministry requires partnership and clear, consistent communication. As VPM, I will facilitate and ensure that these connections happen:

Growth – Holistic ministry spurs spiritual growth in the SPU community for individuals and the community as a whole.

A recent ASSP survey found that “57 percent of students not in leadership roles answered that they do not participate in any campus ministries.” Ministries should be integrated within the fabric of the campus life, not a separate thing off on its own. There can be more effective communication and publicity from ministries to the campus community. But the ministries also must listen to the community and ask why people are not involved. I will seek to open these lines of conversation.

I love all the ministry programs, but I think these three are particularly important for a holistic vision. Each can unite the ministries, and together they reach much of the student population. I will listen to the coordinators and advisors of these ministers to see what support I may offer, and pursue growth together.

In sum, I will seek to join in the wonderful vision and work already in place offering my skills and experience to build upon it as supporter and connector. I would love the opportunity to serve as your Vice President of Ministries! Thank you!