ASSP Elections

Welcome to 2013 ASSP Elections. Here we have some information from the candidates themselves!

ASSP Vice President of Finance: Matt Garcia

My Purpose:
I am campaigning for this position because of the positive impact that I know I can have on the student body and community here at Seattle Pacific University. During my time as the Hill Hall Senator in 2011-2012, I was a member of Finance and Allocation Board. Prior to this experience, I had absolutely no idea what the purpose of ASSP was. However, after my term as the Hill Hall Senator was complete I was able to see the great impact that ASSP had on the student body and the SPU community. Additionally, I believe that the Vice President of Finance position will give me the experience and opportunities that I need to excel in my future career goals as an accountant. As the VP of Finance, I want to make a positive change in the wonderful student community here at Seattle Pacific University.

My Experience:
During my time here at Seattle Pacific University, I have been involved in a variety of different leadership activities.

Hill Hall Senator:
During my sophomore year, I was elected to the Executive Hall Council to serve as the Senator. As part of my role in ASSP Senate, I served on Finance/Allocation Board, which the VPF oversees. Throughout the year, I learned more than I could ever imagine about how ASSP manages its finances and how to review financial proposals.

Student Leadership Development Committee:
As a member of this committee, I worked directly with members of ASSP to facilitate the development and growth of the student leaders at SPU. This experience helped me to realize the large number of student leaders that ASSP oversees and the great impact that they have on all of the students at SPU.

Peer Advisor (3rd West Emerson):
As a Peer Advisor, one of my responsibilities was to manage my own floor budget, which was used to plan events and build community. This year I have been able to work with fellow Peer Advisors while leading a floor of 44 residents.

Throughout all of these different positions, I have learned the importance of leading by example and building relationships. I am a natural leader who enjoys being around people. I have been part of many different teams and have taken many different roles in all of these respective groups. Thus, I am often able to see and understand the larger picture. Furthermore as a current accounting student, I am educated in business finance and general accounting principles. I believe that this knowledge will help me to ensure that ASSP is managing its assets effectively. Lastly, I am a quick learner and enjoy using technology to increase efficiency. All of these skills and talents would make me a legen-(wait for it)-dary Vice President of Finance.

My Goals

1.    Communication
As the VP of Finance, communication is key. For the average person, budgets and finances can be frustrating and confusing. I hope to be a resource to student leaders when it comes to the policies and structures that surround ASSP. By using clear and concise communication, it is possible to avoid many problems or conflicts. It is also important to have open and honest communication. One of the duties as VP of Finance is to review and approve financial proposals. When students and organizations come to me with these proposals, it is my goal to be clear and honest with them. This will give students and organizations realistic expectations. In general, I want to bring a clear and effective voice to the communication within and around ASSP.

2.    Money Back in Students’ Pockets
I want you to benefit from your student activity fee by putting at least $20 back in your pocket. I hope students will not only be able to see where their money is being spent, but also feel as if they are getting the most bang for their buck (or in this case for their student activity fee). What does this mean to me? First off, I want to make students aware of where their money is being spent. Secondly, I want to increase student services such as increased bus passes and discounted tickets. These are just a few of the ways that I hope to figuratively put $20 back in your pocket.

3.    Increased Organization/Integration
In the world we live in today, digital files and online integration is important. One of the newest technologies that seems to be gaining momentum is cloud storage. As the VP of Finance, I hope to increase the use of cloud storage and other technologies. Being an accounting student, I love the organization of resources, numbers, etc. Implementing technologies, such as cloud storage, will essentially increase organization and allow for integration throughout the ASSP office. I saw the use of Sharepoint for proposals when I was on Finance Board, and I hope to make this process, as well as many others, simple and easy to use. By increasing organization and integration, particularly around finances, members of ASSP will have a better understanding of the big picture.

4.    Use of the Rollover Contingency Fund
My goal is to find a good use for the money currently sitting in the Rollover Contingency Fund. ASSP is called to serve the students. This fund contains ASSP fees from students who graduated over five years ago. It is my belief that the money gathered from ASSP fees should be used to benefit the students paying the fees. In addition, there should also be very little, if any, additional money going into the fund. In order to do this, we need to ensure that our current assets are being used efficiently and effectively.