ASSP Elections

Welcome to 2013 ASSP Elections. Here we have some information from the candidates themselves!

ASSP President: Laura Nile

Why I Am Here
Over the past 3 years I have fallen in love with our University and have come to see all the incredible things that students are able to do here. The more I’ve gotten involved with ASSP, the more I have come to see that what we are doing here is unique. ASSP empowers students to do incredible things like plan short term mission trips, oversee extensive budgets, put on massive concerts, create brand new programs, and so much more. Because of ASSP, I know that when we work together, we create something so much bigger than ourselves.

I want to be ASSP President because I want to see great things happen on our campus, in our city, and throughout the world. The role of the ASSP President is not to do incredible things alone, but to empower other students to do incredible things with the full support of the university. I believe in the incredible power of my peers and I believe that I can help make great things happen.

We all know that this is a season of change for our university and I want to navigate ASSP successfully through this transition.

What I Bring
The ASSP President is given the gargantuan task of being the voice to an organization of over 200 student leaders and a school of 3,200 students. The President is responsible for casting a vision for the year and helping people in every part of the vast organization achieve their goals.

Fittingly, my top spiritual gift is administration. I’ve always thought this was the most boring gift of all time (why couldn’t I get something flashy like prophesy?!) but now I am coming to see that it is incredibly practical. Organizing, planning, and executing are literally what I do best and I have seen how this practically plays out in my role as ASSP Public Relations Manager this year.

As PRM, I have been the person behind all discounts, services, surveys, social media, and general publicity that you have come in contact with this year. Not only have I done all of those, but I have also managed the ASSP office, oversaw four student workers and I worked closer with the ASSP President than anyone else. With all of my time working with the ASSP President, I have come to have a very thorough understand of the expectations and reality of the position. I have been intentional about my working relationships with fellow students, advisors, and even the administration so that I can easily transition into this role and help accomplish all that I hope to.

My greatest asset is that I have been involved in more than one aspect of ASSP, which significantly helps me understand the needs of everyone involved. I held the role of Vice-President of the Israel Palestine Club, this year I served as a Team Leader for Urban Involvement, I am currently a commuter senator (representing 48% of our student body!), and I am the Public Relation Manager. Having direct experience with four separate realms of ASSP give me the credibility needed to speak on their behalf and meet their true needs.

What I Hope to Accomplish
The bulk of what I will be doing as ASSP President is empowering other students to do incredible things, which is what makes ASSP great. However, there are several projects that I am particularly passionate about and would like to see happen through the office of the ASSP President. These projects are:

Extending library hours

As a theology major, I spend a lot of time in the library and I have always been frustrated by the seemingly short hours and I know I’m not the only one. I want to work with the existing library committee to find a sustainable solution for extending library hours on weeknights and Sunday afternoons. I believe that this can reached by continuing to offer “half service” which requires less staff, therefore cutting costs so that it would financially benefit students and the university. The administration needs to know that this is a high priority for students, and as ASSP President I will make sure that the message is received so that funding can be secured. 

More student discounts

As Public Relations Manager this year I’ve been able to start securing discounts for students, but it isn’t easy. As President I want to empower the public relations team to spend adequate hours on making connections and providing students with more discounts to local businesses. I hope to get at least 1-2 specific discounts each month.

Transparency of ASSP

Let’s be honest, ASSP is a confusing organization and it can often times feel difficult to get involved. This year it has been my goal to improve the clarity of the website, which has resulted in the most up-to-date ASSP website in recent history. My hope is to continue not only on the website, but to create a handout and web graphic that explains ASSP easily so that anyone can have a good understanding of how to get involved. This can be used in many different ways—to explain confusing policies, to provide opportunities for new students to get involved, and to inspire students to help meet the needs on our campus and in our city.

Building re-models

I strongly believe in the importance of creating workable space for students to use. I want to make sure that plans to create a new space for the Outdoor Recreation Program are completed. This space is desperately needed so that the program can grow. I also want to help pass proposals, and oversee the construction of, improving the club space, ASSP conference room, and storage space so that student organizations will be able to continue to thrive.

Integration of Intercultural Programs

This year we've increased the role of the Intercultural Director to Vice President of Intercultural Affairs which has been really successful. To continue developing these programs I think that the Intercultural programs (eg. Catalyst, Clubs, InContex etc.) need further empowerment and integration in ASSP. I want to take practical steps to accomplish this by making a section for the VPIA on the website and working with the VPIA to increase their reach and strengthen their programs. I am not an expert on diversity and I don't pretend to have all the answers, but I do know how to empower others who do. I believe that diversity is essential to our University and our organization and ignoring it does everyone a disservice.