ASSP Elections

Welcome to 2013 ASSP Elections. Here we have some information from the candidates themselves!

ASSP Executive Vice President: Jake Caouette

Why are you campaigning for this position?
I am campaigning for Executive Vice President for several reasons. Throughout this academic year, I have rediscovered my passion for student leadership roles. The passion that I had in high school for official leadership roles was hidden for some time for a few reasons. I got caught up in being both a student and an employee and didn’t allow myself to see the opportunities that have been right in front of me. The experiences that are going to allow me to grow and contribute the most to those around me aren’t going to be had at my off-campus jobs. Focusing my energy to where and who I am at school is important. As the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Advisory Board, I have been able to get more involved in student government and experience what goes on behind the scenes. I have loved it. I want to be more involved and be able to be a voice for the students to the changing university leadership. I see a need for Christ-centered leadership both inside and outside of SPU, and I can meet that need.

What unique skills and talents would you bring to this position?
There are several skills and talents that I bring to the position of Executive Vice President that make me an asset to the officer core. I have a passion for working with and around others, am very familiar with the SPU Constitution, and am committed to quality. Being around other people has always been a huge source of energy and inspiration for me. I love being able to work in a group setting, especially when we are all working to serve a third party. I have a true concern for the well-being of the students here at SPU and want to serve them in a way that shows that. It is this passion that will allow me to effectively communicate the needs of the students to all of the different committees and councils that I will sit on. Another skill or talent that I have that would be useful for the position of Executive Vice President is my knowledge of the SPU Constitution. I have spent this year as the Chief Justice of the Constitutional Advisory Board, and my knowledge of the Constitution, as well as its application, has grown tremendously. The position of Executive Vice President is one that requires someone who is familiar with the by-laws and rules found in the Constitution in order to effectively run Student Senate.  This is knowledge that I have. Yet another skill or talent that I possess is that I am focused on quality in everything I do. I want my words and actions that represent the student body to be put forth in a way that will be able to make us heard. Nothing I do will be executed without the passion and quality necessary to do my job. These are essential skills and talents to be the Executive VP.

Describe three to four specific goals you would like to accomplish during your term.

As the Executive Vice President, there are three specific goals that I hope to accomplish in my year of service. It is my intention to assist the students during the university’s transition, to continue developing the Constitution, and to serve the University that has been serving me. Our university is in a very transitional time. With the change in structure to have a provost, there are sure to be reverberations and changes coming from the top down that the entire university will feel. As the Executive Vice President, I want to be a presence and a voice from the students to make sure we are heard. The position of the Executive Vice President is a student presence on several faculty committees and is a liaison to faculty senate, which will make this goal accomplishable.

I have grown very fond of the SPU Constitution over the past 9 months as the Chief Justice. That being said, there are areas in the Constitution that are somewhat outdated and need to be updated to accurately reflect how the student government currently functions as an element of the university. One of the Executive VP’s roles is to work with the Constitutional Advisory Board (CAB) throughout the year. My year of experience on the CAB has equipped me to continue updating the Constitution as well as effectively serve the needs of CAB as they execute their responsibilities next year.
SPU has served me in a way that I never expected out of a university. The past three years have been an amazing experience for me because of the fact that I feel like SPU really does care about me as an individual. I believe that I should take steps to begin serving the university and the students in order to give back. I want to do everything in my power to give the students of SPU as great of an experience here as I have had. I want more than anything to serve the students through my role as the Executive VP. To serve the students and university means that I am going to need to be able draw from my own experiences as well as listen to those around me. This will be one of the center focuses of my time in office in order to best serve the students and university.

This list of goals is not exhaustive, but gives an accurate picture of how I plan to spend my time in office. As a student voice in a time of transition, a developer of the Constitution, and a servant leader to the students and university I am ready to fill the role of Executive Vice President.