ASSP Elections

Welcome to 2013 ASSP Elections. Here we have some information from the candidates themselves!

Executive Vice President: Brian Valley

Why are you campaigning for this position?
I am campaigning for the position of Executive Vice President because I care about what happens here at SPU. It might sound simple, but I believe that what we do here as undergraduates at this university matters. Learning, growing, doubting, celebrating, competing, discovering—all these aspects of the student experience make this school what it is. ASSP is a vital aspect of this student experience. As Executive Vice President I would work to positively contribute to student life here.

Many former and current student leaders at SPU have helped to teach, challenge, and mold me. Their Christ-centered example and guidance have been invaluable to my development into a more whole person. I desire to make similar investments in others. ASSP Senate, a primary area of the Executive VP’s responsibility, is a central part of our student government structure. Servant leadership is vital in this area; I am both excited about and capable of providing such leadership in this role.

What unique skills and talents would you bring to this position?
There are numerous skills and talents that I would bring to the position of Executive VP and as a team member of ASSP officer core. I am experienced with ASSP Senate, I value the ideas of others, and I know my own limits.

A successful Executive VP must have some kind of real experience with Senate. Last year I served as the Hill Hall Senator, always active in Senate meetings and discussions. In this role I also served on the Committee for Student Clubs and the Student Financial Aid Committee. This role has given me a deep understanding of all that Senate entails—working with the ASSP Constitution, Finance Board, various committees and departments, and the wide variety of student leaders here at SPU. My knowledge of Senate would be a vital tool as Executive VP.

Beyond Senate, I have spent time working on teams as a Hall Council officer and as a current Peer Advisor in on 5th Hill. These significant and challenging experiences have grown my appreciation for the value of listening. I know that everyone has different perspective to contribute, and that it is often best for me to stop, wait, and listen to others. Listening would be an invaluable skill as Executive VP.

Last, I know that I am imperfect. If elected as Executive VP I will make mistakes. But I also know that I am the recipient of underserved grace from God and many people around me. Brokenness isn’t exactly a “skill” or “talent,” but I believe that understanding my own need for the forgiveness of God and others would be vital in this role.

Describe three to four specific goals you would like to accomplish during your term.
I have three main goals as Executive Vice President: empower student leaders, maintain ASSP Senate as a vital forum, and support others on ASSP officer core.

The role of Executive VP is very much like a bridge—connecting students to opportunities. Opportunities to get money through for student events, to share opinions at Senate, or to serve as a leader with ASSP. I plan to let students know that these opportunities exist. I want clubs and other student organizations to fully know about the financial support that Senate can provide. I want all students to know that Senate is a forum where all are welcome to share their thoughts. I want student leaders to know that here at SPU they have the power and opportunity to pursue all kinds of leadership. Measurably, I hope increase the number of applicants for all senator positions.

A large component of this empowering will be maintaining ASSP Senate as a strong and vital piece of our student government. Senate currently serves as an effective forum for discussion, a place for events and organization to gain financing, and a representation of the entire undergraduate student body. I want Senate to continue to fulfill these roles with excellence. To tangibly accomplish this goal I plan to meet with senators individually in order to best understand and respond to the needs of these leaders.

Finally, it is my goal to always remember that no ASSP officer does his or her job alone. As Executive VP, I would be part of a team; my hope is to constantly be a support to the other officers as they support me. My goal is to be actively concerned with those I serve alongside. Leadership cannot be done alone. My desire is to serve SPU, not as an individual leader, but as part of a team.

In the end, my goal is serve the students of SPU. By empowering leaders, keeping Senate a strong body, and supporting the rest of ASSP core, among other goals, I am qualified and prepared to meet this aim.